Today your online presence proves how active are you on the internet. Every other person uses social media to convey personal or professional updates. And thus it is important to realize the power of social media and use it in your favour by communicating what you truly believe in.

Rapid-fire round to judge your social media presence #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

The rapid-fire round on Koffee with social media

Why are you on social media?

If you wish to build a personal brand, you need not have separate accounts for your blog and brand. However, if you wish to build a brand separate from you, then you will need separate accounts.

Does your bio, image, cover photo communicate what you stand for?

First impressions in this quick and trigger friendly world are essential. Make optimum use of your bio and images to tell a first-time reader what it is that they can expect from you.

Brand hygiene

This is not something that people pay much attention to but it is essential your handles remain the same, as much as possible, across social media platforms. It makes it easier for your audiences to find and engage with you.

Are you where your audience is?

You may absolutely love one social media platform and hate another but when it comes to your brand, likes and dislikes should not matter. If you are a food blogger, you have to be on Instagram and Pinterest. If you are a thought leader, you have to be on Twitter and LinkedIn – even Medium now.

Are you engaging with your audience?

In the flurry of scheduling and posting, you may forget the main reason you are on social media – to network and engage, to champion ideas you believe in, to speak about causes you are passionate about, to build your brand.

Evaluate, course correct

Every social media platform has a purpose. Every blogger has a thought they want to lead and the correct social media takes you to that level. Try each of them and analyse which one gives you the best results. Track your social media presence and course correct where need be. Most importantly, keep at it, stay patient and have the right intent.

The right intent and a vision for yourself and your brand can help tailor your communication. Yes the above may sound like its a lot of work but we aren’t solopreneurs for nothing, no? On the journey of blogger to thought leadership through #LeaderChatter all April. Come back for more! 

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