Life is slowly getting back to normal, a normal that is different from what we had. We plan to #RestartRight, become more aware, and incline towards making conscious decisions that are best for us and our families. In conversation with ICICI Lombard we embark on a new journey to explore all the new aspects in health insurance. After all, the first step when we venture into a new kind of world is to insure our health first.

#RestartRight with ICICI Lombard

Pondering over a new phase of life

We talked to our community a couple of days ago on our weekly Twitter chat where we discovered major concerns most of us have. The lockdown is easing but we still have to be cautious. We eventually have to step out, be it for work or other reasons. When we do, safety is the first thing we want to take care of. Taking the guidelines seriously is important as Ruchie says. People look forward to better management in health care. We are aware of the difficulties in accommodating health bills as Dr. Bushra says. Financial and health security seems uncertain to all of us.

What transformation will our workplace see?

We see a major shift happening in our professional lives. It was quite interesting to hear the thoughts everyone had on this. Of course, work from home or shift work is becoming a trend. Vikas along with a few others thinks that an in house psychologist is a must. With the stress that comes with ongoing health concerns, mental health should be a priority. Meenal and Sonal feel that more digital meets will become quite common.

Ready to #RestartRight with a digital future

We’re all getting technology friendly like Geethica puts it. Marketing strategies must be made keeping digital platforms in mind. Kids will get accustomed to digital learning. Mobile apps that are user friendly can greatly help us says Varsha. As we upgrade ourselves, we look forward to industries upgrading their services too. Businesses are recreating their strategies. We are learning to coexist with technology for a better and safer future.

Learning to Live Healthy and Right

Health care is taking the prime seat in our new world. Manas thinks that a right living environment is what we must strive towards. Keeping a track on our health, regular check ups and making it a point to insure our health is something we all need. Along with a perfect health care plan, many of us begin to get on track with healthy eating, exercise and immunity building.

Are we insured?

Roshan speaks from his perspective as a doctor. He says health insurance truly makes life so much more easier during difficult times. Health insurance is an investment on priority for families. Having it cushions the financial hit in these times. Now more than ever, health insurance is considered by so many. However, all the hassle of paperwork that involves insurance, people tend to put it off. While considering a health care plan, people definitely would look for contactless services, efficiency on apps and prompt customer service. Maximum coverage, especially for the family is vital. Details on the network of hospitals covered, options for renewal are a few other aspects to think about.

While those of us who haven’t got an insurance plan yet participated in the chat, we look forward to know what ICICI Lombard’s insurance policies have in store. Stay tuned with us to know how we move on to a safer and more digitally inclined future and #RestartRight.