With so many advancements in the digital trends, it can be hard to keep up, even if you are an expert blogger. Everyday there is talk about new gadgets, mobile apps, innovations and improvements to make our lives easier. Many of us come from a time where the landline was the coolest gadget ever, capable of even connecting us to alien friends!

Digital Learning Day is celebrated to spread knowledge of the wonderful practices such as e-learning, the use of modern day tools to make learning, working – and for us blogging – easier. It is the right of every person to have access to this knowledge. What a perfect day to recall all the things digital learning has helped us with!

Digital Learning Day
Everything You Want To Learn Is One Click Away

The Endless Ocean of Knowledge, Google

Even if we aren’t bloggers, Google is the first source we go to (after our best friend who knows it all, of course) when in doubt. Google has the answers to almost everything, even how to fix a broken heart, we guess…what would we do if Google crashes? Let’s not go there, shall we.

Alexa, Get My Blog to Where all The Big Shot Sites Chill

It can be a rat race in the blogging world too. We all want visibility for our blogs. That tiny blue icon at the corner of our browser doesn’t get tired of us clicking it over and over to see if our blogging rank has dropped. Alexa rank is a much talked about topic. To be on the top, your Alexa needs to be low. We take so many steps to keep our website at the best rank possible, thanks to the Alexa tool.

Our Screen Time Teaches Us Valuable Lessons

If you are a cool person, like we are, you must be watching all the awesome movies on the big screen. As ever learning writers and bloggers, we derive inspiration from the characters we adore and apply that in our digital learning process. Black Widow for instance has so much to teach us about blogging etiquette. That wouldn’t be possible without gadgets, would it, now.

A Picture Could Be Worth A Thousand Words, But A Video, Lot More

Gone are the days when we clicked family photos and waited for a week before our town’s digital studio developed them for us. Those were exciting days of course, waiting for the album to come out and we get to see that cow lick we forgot to adjust or wonder why our mouth was open in that picture. DSLR cameras, phones with high definition picture quality all took over and now we are all Instagram models! Digital Learning has grown so much that it is possible for anyone to make a great vlog. Learning to make a video is no biggie if you follow the right steps.

SEO, Friend or Tough Taskmaster?

We all know how important SEO is for our website’s ranking. To many of us, SEO is like the Math or Chemistry teacher who is always on your back, urging you to do better, but you keep moving away, because well… We can always start with the simple and basic learning of how to use Google to your website’s benefit and blog better. This is of course, SEO 101. Taking care of SEO is one important step when it comes to brand building. Everyone likes a classy and up to date website. It in fact is the backbone of your site said Parth Suba as he cracked all the complexities of SEO. Have you watched it yet? Maybe Digital Learning Day is a good time to start and blog better!

So tell us, what is your favourite digital tool that has helped you to learn something new?