We keep talking so much about SEO and self-hosting, that having a session on how this can be used to build a brand seemed like a great idea.

Firstly, we wanted to know everyone’s thoughts on what a personal brand is.

A good website design is important to build a brand, but how?

How essential is it to have a self-hosted blog when you want to build a personal brand, we wondered.

Self-hosting or not is a choice you need to make according what you want to achieve through your blog.

Building a personal brand is important but why?

SEO and brand building are closely related, aren’t they…

That was spot on! The world needs to know you have a blog and only SEO can do that.

Sustaining the growth of your brand is a task. How do we do it?

SEO can be a great friend to bloggers if we choose to get on board. Building a brand, elevating your blog to unexpected levels- this can be a dream come true.

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