If you were asked to choose between listening to a text or listening to a song (that had a message), what would you choose? Most would like to go with the song. The average consumer needs entertainment while consuming information. Make sure that you reach across a variety of subsets of audience when you promote your brand.

You can tailor your brand promotion the way people in the Alps yodel, which is a form of multi pitched yelling. Use different avenues and different messages that come together for one purpose – promoting your brand.

Should you Yodel to promote your brand

Here are a few ways you can promote your brand. These ways may seem disparate at first but are really a bouquet of offerings designed to catch the attention of different people in ways that suit them the best.

Create awareness

Build a website to take your offline business online. If your blog is your business and you already have a host of products and services that you offer, it is time to streamline the information so that it is at the center of the visitor experience. Have a clear Call To Action so that your readers are guided to the next step.

Let the right people find you

Unless your brand is very popular, it won’t show up in niche or product based searches. This is where SEO helps you. When you incorporate the right keywords after research, there is a higher chance that Google puts your website in front of the people who are searching. Promoting your brand starts with discoverability.

Social media

The different social media platforms have a uniqueness of interaction so that you can catch the attention of a different set of people. Of course, you may need to understand the content format of every platform. Go slow and take up these platforms one by one.

Be real in real time

You attract connections when you put forth your authentic persona out there. Use live streaming to interact with your audience in real time. Visual content in real time is one of the best ways to get your message across.


Your brand needs to have a story with which people can connect. Link what you stand for with the values you share with your customers. Storytelling makes a brand memorable. It lets you shape your or your brand’s identity to facilitate an emotional response and to establish meaningful connections.

Get brand ambassadors

If you are still building an identity, use others’ clout to get noticed. Get in touch with the Influencers and thought leaders in your niche and collaborate with them. You can sync your efforts through guest posts, guest appearances in live sessions and jointly hosting giveaways. Both brands reach a new set of audience to promote to.

Voice overs are good

While visual media is a great way to attract audience, the auditory experience is gaining popularity too. Podcasts are big and you can crack open the market with a little bit of effort.


Using infographics is a cool way to look nerdy. You can crunch a lot of data and present it in a palatable way. It also positions you as a leader in your niche and your reach is considerably wider.

Remarketing so that you are top of recall

Remarketing isn’t just a buzzword. It can genuinely help you if you have been in the market for some time, have a decent following/customers and are now looking to cast the net wider. Your audience is defined and they are interested, remarketing helps you retarget them.

Use a mix of these approaches to take your brand promotion to the next level.

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