A tradition that was followed in ancient Greece and Rome was to give a gift to foreign ambassadors or guests who visited them. This was called xenium. This could be something that represents their culture, like a takeaway.

Your blog is a place people visit too. Have you wondered what their takeaway is? What do you offer them that can add value to their life? A good call to action doesn’t happen in one line but it is how your entire post is structured.


No, we did not mean clickbait. A great headline is what creates the first impression and grabs the attention of your reader. On a website, headlines are the most read text! Wouldn’t you then definitely want to have a snappy and fascinating one? The shorter it is, the better. The first few words of your headline are crucial. If it sparks interest, and touches a nerve, then you have a reader who will click to read your entire post.


If your headline is great and the opening lines dull, your reader may lose interest. An awesome headline may get your reader’s attention, but an even more awesome introduction will keep it. Storytelling, as we already talked about is the best way to connect to readers. A strong and compelling narrative is a sure-shot way to attract readers. Personal anecdotes are one such way to begin a post. It has to be emotional, unique and simple.


We all respond to visual information better than text, especially in the online world. Nobody has the patience to scroll through pages and pages of text, even if your post is interesting. A balanced post should contain some relevant visuals as they have quick and powerful impact. Photos and graphics have now become a very essential part of social media and content marketing.


It is not an unknown fact that we have less attention span. Instead of an endless flow of words with no break, incorporate a good number of subheadings in the post. Organize your post in the proper order so there’s flow directed by the subheadings. It also makes reading easier. People can also skim through the post if it has enough meaningful subheadings.


Are your sentences too lengthy? Are the images placed in the right places with perfect captions? Is there proper margin left? Ask these questions while you draft your post. The end result should be appealing to the eyes. Fix the small typos, the punctuations that may have slipped your view. Highlight or make bold points that you feel your reader shouldn’t miss and always use a font that is decent to read. Add links wherever necessary and optimize your content for easier sharing.


This is the key takeaway or xenium that you will be offering your readers by the end of your post. Read through what you’ve written again. If you can answer the question what the call to action of your post is, then you’ve done your job. Give them a last powerful message. Use visuals again, if necessary. Your messaging should be crisp and clear.

These are some of the most basic and crucial elements that can help you craft a great post with the perfect call to action. With this incorporated in all your posts, your readers will be sure to spend more time on your site. Give them that strong reason to read more of your posts, share them and get your blog the attention it deserves. Give your readers the xenium they deserve!