The tradition that dates back to ancient times, storytelling is one of the most important gifts we possess. The society we live in today wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the influence of past generations. They left us a legacy of knowledge. Storytelling is the best way to activate people and form a connection. Story is a way of crafting a description of an incident to communicate a perspective. When the story is good and it captures the reader, it gifts them with a new perspective. The greatest stories ever told are a reflection of our world. Even when it comes to building your brand or sharing a message with your audience, using the method of storytelling is the best way to create impact.

When everything is automated, digitalized, humanity is the premium we all look for. Stories make us human. The human touch in everything we look for online is most coveted. In order to really draw your audience in, your content should have a blend of facts and emotions that your vision evokes. This should remain constant across all the content you create if you want to maximize your visibility and impact. What does storytelling do to your brand?

With the Power Of Blogging Comes the Responsibility of Being Genuine.


This goes without saying. In an ocean of content available, yours should be unique and different if it has to reach the right audience. Even if you have quality service, the way you communicate your message decides everything. Your message should simplify information and invoke an emotional response. Storytelling increases your favourability in your audience’s eyes. Even if they forget the words you said, they will remember how you made them feel. This works better than logic.


It is not just your product, service or content that helps you take off. The emotions, values and ideas that you connect them to is the takeaway your audience seeks. Brands such as Nike, for example talks about bringing inspiration and innovation to athletes. Apple urges people to think differently and be bold. Tesla makes people feel how worthwhile it is to support sustainable energy. H&M helps people make choices that are economically, environmentally and fashionably suitable! You see how the connect is made by barely speaking of the brand and more of the emotion? That is where your tribe believes in you.


The audience is always looking for proof of your efforts to creating an impact. Knowing that you care about something other than profit is the incentive for them to come back. Changing the world for the better is no longer cliche when you actually work according to your values. How will your values bring positivity to society ? How will you transform people’s lives? Does your speak have a soul? These are some questions you need to ask yourself before you put something out there for the world. When you get clarity on this, you ultimately stand out and become capable of turning into a legacy.

In a time that speaks about false facts and truths, a simple story with human roots is considered relevant. When the story affects the reader emotionally and intellectually, empathy is created. The element of truth in the story holds the attention of people and even if just one person is impacted, he/she can impact several others.