It may look like I have it all sorted – I have been told by many – but the truth is that for many years I had no clue what I wanted from life.

When Blogchatter came along, I wasn’t ready. For the madness that entrepreneurship can be. Hell my imposter syndrome did not even let me call myself an entrepreneur for a good first two years.

True to its characteristics, Blogchatter has never been in my control or aligned. It decides to jump and along with it we go for a slide. Somewhere in the first half of 2020 – the year we shall never forget – we realized that we needed to evolve. There was just too much happening in community and our existing platform was feeling the pinch.

A diligently made brief – followed by branding speaks – was set in stone as the master document for this phase.

Blogchatter 2.0 was on road.

Suddenly we were getting on 2 am discussions and weekend reviews. Every second was being counted, and every day was an overwhelming circus ride to deal with. 

Now that it is over I can say, I wasn’t at my best behavior at all. The control freak that I am, the process unleashed a monster outside. Towards the end I believe I was one step away to learning coding and getting in with the tech guys.

Every single person around me was concerned – for my sanity. At some point even I thought – I am never going to recover from this panic, ever. Right up to about 7 pm on the launch day (remember at 7.30 we had to make the switch to the new website!) I was crying – imagining that every single nut-bolt of the launch will fall apart and we will go down in history as the worst ever 2.0 (my ass!).

At eight o clock – our zoom party launch began. We had people waiting even before we joined in! One by one they all streamed in. Around seventy bloggers on one call – live streamed for all to see. Permanently recorded for posterity. It was at that moment I let go of my panic.

This right here is my family – even if we fail spectacularly they would love us.

We launched the website among wine glasses and coffees and chai cheers – there was not a single glitch in loading. It all went down smooth.

Blogchatter 2.0 was live. A new website, a new logo – our very first brand video! And well same old community love.

Last half decade have been what I call the life altering phase of my life. I often look at myself in the mirror and do not recognize the woman I have become. There has been so much learning and love and trust from community members, brands and most importantly my team. And all of it could not happen if we didn’t believe in the power of dreams and the collective conscious that drive them through : community.

What next for us at Blogchatter? Even we cannot predict...whenever the magic monster decides to switch gears, find us taking our big jump. Until then take a swipe at our newly minted website – see what tips we have to offer, what new campaigns brew in our cups and of course curate your own reading list of blogs from our blogrolls.

Time for you to be discovered and discover Blogchatter 2.0!