• My hair is exactly like my mom's.
  • I have inherited my height from my grandmother.
  • My metabolism is slow like my father's.
  • I'm kind because my parents are kind.

Hold up - back up and let's see that last sentence once again. What do parents have to do with kindness?

For the past 2 decades, researchers have been working on discovering #TheKindnessGene that determines how kind a person will be. Apart from the gene, there are environmental factors and a person's experiences that add to the level of a person's kindness. 

The idea that kindness is in our genes, much like how our body is formulated, is quite a cool concept no? It is a reminder that all those stories we heard growing up of our parents , friends or family members donating their time, money or effort to a house help, NGO, or subordinates and us following in their footsteps is connected.

Here's what you have to do

Trace the origins of your kindness gene through stories you have heard about family members, friends, colleagues, etc. on being kind.

What type of content can you create?

You can write blogposts, make reels or YouTube videos. There is no limit to how many submissions you can make. 

What you get?

Reward points - for every 2 entries, you get 100 reward points.

You can check your reward points wallet here. If you want to earn more reward points, check this.

Any guidelines?


The campaign will run from 16 September to 10 October.

In case you have any questions, or would like to brainstorm content ideas, don't hesitate to email us at hola@theblogchatter.com or reach out to a team member near you!

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