Content has become the latest buzzword. More so as brands have started to rely on content marketing in a bid to differentiate themselves from the numerous voices trying to be heard in an ocean of digital space. Content has now become the king of all communication efforts – whether visual or written, no one can deny that the most important thing to creating lasting impact is content.

But what makes this content king? What is it about a post that makes you want to engage with it in the form of a like or share or comment? What is the x-factor that it needs to possess for it to resonate with the readers?

We at Blogchatter like to call it – flavour. And how do you add flavour to your online communications? By mirroring the real you, the authentic you – the you that is vivacious, quirky, poignant, funny, somber…

Many of us hesitate to ‘reveal’ the real us in our interactions on social for several reasons: fear, judgment, being called a fool, trolling, etc. But that’s the beauty of being ‘you!’ You are not restricted to perform for an audience. You can now share your fears, triumphs, setbacks and struggles with the world. As many of our interactions during Twitter chats and Facebook lives have revealed – it is all about the human journey – about showcasing the human element in everything that you do.

We’ll give you a simple example of Blogchatter – we have a distinct tonality, a voice that we follow in all our communications. We are warm, friendly and fun. These aren’t just adjectives that we have picked up. We strive always to keep this in mind while writing emailers, tweets, posts, etc. By establishing our unique voice, we are also able to send a message to our community – that we are in fact warm, friendly and fun and that you can share your sorrows and joys and jokes with us. This is what differentiates our content from several of those out there.

No matter what you write, always ask yourself what flavour am I adding to this post? Where is there a sliver of me in this tweet that I have written? How can I talk about a dish without sounding like a broken record? Why is this important to me?

When you are having fun with your content, your reader has fun with your content. It is as simple as that. Be your own best audience. If it doesn’t work for you, how on earth can it work for anyone else? In all our grind of page views and audience and marketing and keywords we forget just why content is king. It is king because it is this which is the most human element of a brand and if you can crack that – if you can crack what your brand stands for and let it penetrate through everything you do – you’ll be a winner.