You wouldn’t try to sell oranges at a jewelry store, right? So why do that to your blog, where you randomly join groups of people and introduce your blog? You need to understand your target audience, who is receptive to and will look forward to the words of wisdom you will spout through your blog. As a thought leader, you need to pinpoint the audience receptive to you.

The Purpose of Writing

First off, let’s talk about the purpose of your writing. Ask yourself why do you write? What do you intend to do with the writing? How do you want the reader to use the information you provide?

You know that the basic purpose of your blog is to be read. Okay, so now we have that out of the way. Randomly writing stuff may get your problems or issues you believe in, heard. You feel better and for a short time so does your audience. But you cannot sustain the interest of your audience with it.

The letter U is for Understand your target audience

Profile of Your Audience

If you want a sustained audience, then not only must they believe in what you write but it must solve a problem for your audience. What does your audience care about? Now relate this with what you write. These are the core values your blog must have to stay relevant.

You want your readers to be people who connect with your content and who will stay with you or buy from you as a result of that.

These are a few categories of your audience that you need to analyze

  • Age
  • Female/Male
  • Location
  • Education Level
  • Family oriented or free-birds
  • Their Goals as you see it

If you cannot find out these on your own, you could find and read blogs of relevant people involved in the same field as you. They usually have a pretty good idea. Read what they are writing, examine the comments they are getting, what problems are they solving? By doing some research on your competitors, you can find ideas for your own blog and understand your target audience. Think about what insights can your audience gain from your blogs?

The answers to these questions should form the basis of your blog posts. You should understand why your content is necessary, the kind of people you are targeting, the competition to your blog and why it is better than theirs. How can you help your audience? To be a thought leader, your content needs to be original, authentic and show your authority in the topic.

As a blogger who wants to pick up an audience, there are a few other ways too

Find other bloggers in your niche and leave a comment. The comment should be special and really different from that of other commenters to get people to read and perhaps click on your blog link.

On Social Media, start interacting with people. Very often people just post their blog info and go away. Instead for a change, comment and chat with people in relevant groups. Interacting for a short time every day gets you better exposure and followers.

Find forums and communities online. Your niche people have to land up somewhere right, track them to their gathering place, their watering hole, and interact and then introduce your blog to them. You will be surprised how receptive people are once you form a meaningful relationship online.

Be Helpful

We cannot emphasize enough how being helpful can make you a thought leader. Suppose you have a blogging website, you know that your audience is bloggers, who may or may not sell something. What can you do for them? Writing course, incentives to start writing, get guest speakers and tweeters who talk about writing. There is so much you can do. (Yes, we are using as an example!)

Stay Relevant

The important thing is that you are providing information that is useful and will not only get you a repeat audience but also new audiences. When you understand your target audience then you have a perfect way to spread your ideas and thoughts. You are establishing your authority.

It does sound like a lot of work but remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes work and planning. You’ll get there, meanwhile enjoy the ride. On the journey of blogger to thought leadership through#LeaderChatter all April. Come back for more! 

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