Every blogger wants maximum online recognition. You research all about trending content and make it SEO friendly. But somehow, some posts do well while others don’t. In any case, it’s far away from trending as you have imagined while penning it down. The catch is that you are not aware of your audience. Your content is good but it is not reaching the correct set of audience. The most important step in blogging apart from writing good content is to identify the audience that is interested to read you. So what is the best way to identify and target your audience?


Reading Google Analytics or WordPress statistics is not difficult. Just browse all the sub-headings one by one and read who all are visiting your posts. All the relevant information is on the first page itself. The most important factors affecting your audience is gender, age, country and demographics to name a fewOnce you know that these set of people are returning visitors on your site, make content that is helpful to them and solves their day to day queries. You have to be writing as a teenager if you are targeting the teenage audience. Then only you can expect traffic on your website.


As a blogger, you can’t skip using social mediaIt is the backbone of blogging. Apart from promoting your work. use it to know your audience better. Visit platforms like Quora and Reddit. Search questions related to your niche and answer them. Build your small set of an audience there. This gives you the idea of what your people are looking for in your niche and how can you help them the best way through your next posts.

Once, you publish your post, don’t forget to share it on these platforms so that the same set of the audience becomes your loyal readers.


Google search bar is the easiest way to search trending topics in your niche. Start with a few words and it completes your sentence. It gives a fair idea of what age group of people are talking about what and in which part of the country. Like ‘How are middle-aged people coping with climatic change in Argentina?’ This particular headline gives you all details about your audience if you are a travel blogger. You need to be more specific in your topic to target a particular set of audience.

Similarly, you can press the help button on any social media platform and see what is the real problem that people are looking answers for. If you relate with them then it is the best otherwise try tweaking them a little to suit your knowledge if possible.


You can check your blog statistics for most numbers of visitors on a particular post. This is the easiest way to know what your audience likes to read more on your blog. You need to incorporate more such content and promote it extensively to let your audience know about it.

Once you know your correct set your audience, you need to work towards maintaining them and turn into loyal returning visitors. So which tool has helped you so far to know your audience?