With September dedicated to #MyFriendAlexa ranking in search engines is what everyone looks forward to. To help your website/blog rank in google searches we earlier discussed SEO and it was now time for SMO. But what is SMO? Here is a recap if you missed it.

Q1) What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

Q2) What shoud be the key factors to keep in mind while developing your SMO strategy?

Q3) We asked our community members which social media network works best for their blog?

Q4) How can a good SMO strategy help your blog/website?

Q5) Is there a tool/app to analyze your SMO strategy and make it better?

Q6) How can SMO aid in thought leadership?

Social Media Optimization might look tricky but once you understand what you need, you can try the various social media channels and make a strategy around these that would work best for your blog.

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