Well who doesn’t want to know the answer to that question what type of a writer are you! To get you started, here’s a small quiz which you can take. Answers are in the end – don’t cheat and scroll down, mind you. And don’t forget to share the results on social media and tag us @blogchatter. Happy quizzing!

Q 1. How do you begin to write?     

  • a. You’re brimming with ideas and don’t know how to let them out
  • b. You set up your writing space all neat and tidy with writing essentials and just start.
  • c. You have a ton of things to do and want to write too. So, you squeeze in time magically

Q 2. What’s your method of writing?

  • a. So many plots, so many unfinished pieces, oh there’s another interesting one forming in your head right now
  • b. You have it all structured in your head and that’s how it goes on paper- easy peasy
  • c.You can do the laundry and also think about introducing that new character in the next chapter perfectly well

Q 3.  Do you get stuck while writing?   

  • a. Stuck? Who cares? I am always inspired
  • b. Pfft…Impossible. I have back up plans *pulls out a huge neatly organized colour coded file*
  • c. Well, I play with fire. So even if I get stuck an awesome piece always comes out at the end

Q 4. What describes you best?

  • a. You’re never out of ideas. You are like the potter who sees a vase in plain mud 
  • b. You love detailing. You love perfection. You cross your t’s and dot your i’s every time.
  • c. You have the ideas, you have the talent, you just don’t have the time. But when you do write, it’s a blast.

Have you got your answers? Do you need to take a look again? Okay okay time for the big reveal – what type of a writer are you:

So now that you know what type of a writer you are, don’t forget to showcase it on social media and tag us @blogchatter!