It is said that all good things start with an idea and we, in the Blogchatter community know this so well, for our blogs also started from the seed of a thought. 

On our way to greater blogging goals, we are constantly innovating, trying out new things, experimenting with content formats and styles and keeping up with the algorithms. 

Two things that stand out for our community are reading and writing. In fact, #BlogchatterA2Z participants look at their posts during April with a thought of converting all that content into an ebook. While that makes the transition from being a blogger to a published author easier, the ultimate success of the book depends on how well the initial idea for the book has been fleshed out. 

"A well-defined idea can bring into being something that you hold dear in your subconscious"

We bring to you #WhatsTheIdea, to take you from a vague book idea to a well-defined book description that clearly communicates its USP and reader appeal. 

What do you have to do

  1. 1. Brainstorm your book idea, see what excites you and if you want to go ahead with writing a book on it. 
  3. 2. Describe your idea, keeping the essence of your subject and why someone would want to read it. 
  5. 3. For a fiction book, tell us the story and what a reader can expect. 
  7. 4. For a non-fiction book, talk about the premise, your approach to it and why this be helpful to the reader. 
  9. 5. Pare it down to 100-150 words and email your entry to

Who Can Participate

Anyone aspiring to write a book is welcome. You may go on to publish your book during #BlogchatterEBook carnival. Or it may simply be a sounding board for your book idea. Remember, a clear idea is a precursor to a book well-written. 

Why should you participate

  1. 1. #WhatsTheIdea helps you go from book (?) to book (!). 
  3. 2. You get a headstart on planning and writing your ebook. 
  5. 3. Once your idea is clear in your head, it is easier to make it clear on the paper. 
  7. 4. Your book idea is your pitch, you learn to be precise and to refine it
  9. 5. Winners get a chance to learn to write a compelling book pitch in an exclusive workshop

How do you flesh out your book idea

For writers, ideas are everything. That fantasy series, the dystopian world building, all get written because the writer had an idea, had the courage to develop it further and had the perseverance to put the idea into words. 

Ideation is one the most exciting things you can do because there is a world of possibility in them! 


Think of what excites you as a reader, the topics you write often on your blog, your expertise on certain topics. Do a brain dump, list out a lot of ideas even if they are fantastical and impractical at the moment. 

Then choose to focus on these ideas. Develop them further. Do a mind mapping, free writing, or create a vision board to develop your idea. 


See what can be the ways to expand your storyline. If it's a non-fiction book idea, check out resources around it. If it's a fictional story, read up on other works tackling similar themes to see if it sparks a line of thought for you. 

Refine your central idea

You would have many threads of the narrative you want to build. Try to identify the central idea or the theme of your work. From here, you can add characters and conflict to develop a storyline. 

Write it down

Have the idea clear in your head? Write it down. Initially you may ramble and can write 2-3 pages. Then take out your red pen, edit out the repetitions, the wordiness to get a synopsis that sounds clear and attractive to a prospective reader. 

Send it to us

When your idea is all sparkly and ready, email it to us! Your book idea can be upto 150 words. Mention the title of your planned book and genre, along with the idea. Don't forget to put #WhatsTheIdea in the subject of the email. 

Here's where you can send us your book idea:


1. Can I send in my book idea even if I don't plan to write it in the near future? 

Of course, the sooner you begin to think about the core idea of your book, the better it would be. 

2. Will my idea be published or revealed anywhere? 

The book ideas that you send us are treated as confidential. 

There would be activities around #WhatsTheIdea on our socials in the coming days. And yes, there would be winners as well. 

Last date to send in your entry: May 13

Get going! We can't wait to read your fabulous idea!