Blogging alone is fine. Every blogger does it. But the fact of the matter is every blogger strives for increase in readership, comments, and recognition. When anyone talks about any niche, the first thing that comes to mind is who are the top bloggers in the world writing in this particular niche. That's what Blogging plus Community aims to teach you. When you blog in a community you get a bouquet of entitlements automatically. That bouquet contains a lot more than what you, as a blogger, can even imagine. You get to know a lot more about yourself and your writing style first. That's just the first element of that bouquet. There are many more. Let's see what difference does it make when we blog in a community.

A lone wolf vs a community 

An isolated blogger is living in his or her own world. It's usually more in practice mode where you are, though, a part of a marathon but you don't have any clue of your pace and actual status. It's like a blind track. While in a community, the fastest runner is your biggest challenge as far as pace is concerned, the best content creator is your strongest contender in setting your goal in content creation, and so on.

You get to create benchmarks to strive for and inspiration from your peers for content creation.

Finding your tribe 

When you are blogging in a community your readership is definitely bound to increase. Community readership is a bonus on top of your outside community world readership. In a community, your peer bloggers are in your close proximity in helping you elevate your levels with the help of their constructive feedbacks. That, actually, helps a lot.

Become a blogging star 

In a community, members help each other in a very constructive and sincere manner, without any selfish motives behind it. These actions help a blogger in levelling/scaling up. In a community, every member is a kind of hero.

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Find your niche and core strengths

A community helps you in finding your niche and core strengths. A couple of decades ago when I joined a blogging/writing community, I used to notice some of my posts drew more attention and larger readership/comments/engagement than the others. On analyzing, I found, the content for a couple of categories, out of multiple categories I used to write in, used to carry a natural flavor of ideas and content coming straight from the heart. That gave me my niche and a chance to understand the areas in which my content building strength was far better.

Up your skills

 A regular engagement on each other's posts certainly helps in improving the expertise on basic fundamentals of blogging and content creation. It helps in understanding about appropriate use of keywords, ascertaining length of the post to stay on top, content enhancements, etc.

Hidden gems of training/coaching/mentoring

While being a part of a blogging community, you inadvertently become a trainee/learner/mentee on one hand, and a trainer/coach/mentor on the other hand. It starts happening automatically. All are not equal in any field. In blogging also, the same thing applies. Your writing ability and style has a certain level. Whatever it may be. You always find scope of betterment while reading other's posts.


Newfound confidence

With this all-round improvement in writing, pace, rhythm, and momentum a blogger always can feel an enhancement in their confidence. That automatically helps in doing better and better in next posts.

Boosts social media visibility

You might not be very active on various social media platforms but the same doesn't stand true for your readers in the community. Your posts, when liked, get shared by them on different social media platforms which ultimately boosts your social media visibility.

Momentum builder

A community helps in building a momentum in your creativity in different ways. There are challenges you can participate in and ideas you can exchange. Without a community, you'd feel like you're just another voice in the vast ocean of voices. Within a community, you have your tribe. That certainly helps in becoming a better blogger.

In the nutshell, blogging plus community creates celebrities. Blogging in a community is the best way of self-discovery, knowing your style, getting a kind of discipline in your blogging life, finding your actual interests, gaining versatility, acceleration in organic push, and recognition.