Hola, Hola, Hola to the entire Blogchatter family. We are super excited to tell you that now Blogchatter is going to choose 2 top bloggers every month. To know the rules, details and what you get, read on!

But, because we're nice, we will give you a hint. 

There is only one rule: engagement on the website.

Why top blogger?

Well as a blogging community, we love awards and we want you to get to know each other better. What better way to do that than to explore your fellow community members through the website? Not only do you get to make friends, you also get rewarded for engaging with all of us.


To hear what the captain of this ship, Richa has to say about top blogger, you can check this.

Rules to become a winner

Well like we said, there is only one rule to become a Top Blogger and that is to engage on our website. The idea is simple, we have created an algorithm that will crawl your engagement on the Blogchatter website and at the end of the month, it'll tell us who among all our beautiful people have been engaging the maximum. Easy peasy lemon squeazy. And since this is purely tech-driven, there will be no manual intervention or "bias" involved!

But if you're unsure of what "engaging on website" means, here are a few ways you can do this:

1. BlogRolls engagement

How about you browse BlogRolls daily in the morning before you pick that newspaper? You can also submit your posts to BlogRolls so that others also read you too. Don't forget to roll a user so you can be notified every time they post something on BlogRolls. Oh so you enjoyed the blogpost that you read - that's great. But wait did you roll it? No? Go back and do that. Now that you have shown your love to the blogger, how about you share it with others too - go on.

2. Blogchatter ebook library

Did you know we have a vibrant Blogchatter Ebook Library where you can pick up FREE ebooks to read? Choose your favourite ebook, download, read, leave a rating and a comment. Make an author's day by spreading the cheer.

3. Calendar

Too many updates on social media, not sure what is going on at Blogchatter and missing out on the important events? Well have we a solution for you. Check What's On for weekly updates and add your favourite events to your Google calendar. This way it will be easier for you to participate in our Twitter chats, Facebook lives and anything interesting happening on Blogchatter.  

4. Time spent on website

On an average, how much time are you spending on our website? Have you gone through the Tips section, familiarized yourself with the Campaigns that are running on Blogchatter, or perhaps you have seen the Featured category on BlogRolls and that has inspired you to submit a blogpost?

5. Have you expanded your network

A handy way to look at who you are rolling and who is rolling you is to check My Network on your dashboard. Have rolled someone you liked? Has someone started rolling you because they liked your content so much?

6. Commenting

Whether on a blog post written by Blogchatter, a blogger, or an ebook you enjoyed reading, commenting is a great way to have a two-way conversation.

PS: the above are just indicators of what all engagement can include. You can choose to do it all, or a combination that works for you. The algorithm will be running and tracking your activity for a month before resetting. 

Winners every month

We are going to choose 2 winners every month based on your participation. Both the winners will get 1000 Reward Points added to their wallets. You can read more about Reward Points here.


So what are you waiting for? Get rolling, reading and sharing!