More than half of the world lives in poverty.
A greater number of the kids around the globe have no education.
There is chaos everywhere instead of peace.
We don’t need the statistics to know this to be a fact. The world is hurting and there are very few shoulders to carry the wounded Mother that has carried humanity since ages.

We believe that as a community, we can create impact these social issues need. What are the three causes we will be championing in 2019? Education, Poverty and Peace.


Why have we chosen these three crucial causes? Poverty and education go hand in hand. If poverty and education were to be eradicated, there will be lesser unemployed people, lesser people going to bed hungry, and more people actually having a bed to go to when the day is over, more people making wise life decisions that serves their family and the society well. This in turn will lead to a peaceful world.

It is easy to say this in a few sentences, but over the years, why haven’t these social issues been entirely dealt with? How can we get to the bottom of this and find a solution? Can we do our bit this 2019?

This is what the year long campaign #CauseAChatter is all about. Be it in the form of blog posts, slogans, art work, reports on offline activities, bloggers, writers, artists, influencers – people from all walks of life can contribute to this cause by raising a voice.

2019 at Blogchatter is going to be more than just an eventful year. We will be meeting people who will along with us take a dive into areas of life lesser known, helping us reach the crux of these social issues. There will of course be interesting contests, so make sure you’re ready to let the creativity flow. This year we also plan to club offline and online activities, have simple day to day challenges and lots more. ​Our goal is to create an impact on things that matter, and we will through our united efforts.

Will you be that voice with us today? Join Blogchatter in healing a hurting world today – one step at a time.