While we would love to elicit the help of fairies, djinns and elves for our content, they can also do so much if you don’t have a plan. Yes, planning – always that awful ‘p’ word and no matter how much you plan, things just don’t seem to end!

Sigh oh well that’s the life of a writer and blogger but we are here to help you create a yearlong strategy for content – the easy way!


  • Start with small goals. Plan for a quarter first and gradually add details, make notes and expand on ideas.
  • Write it down. Plans when made in the head often stay there. Prepare an excel sheet, download a planner or take out that trusted pen and paper. Now write down what you’d like to achieve and what you need to do to achieve it.
  • Keep an eye on what’s trending. If it resonates with your blog niche, or your thoughts, write a post on it.
  • Dig out important dates in a year. Pick ones you think you can write something on. These will not only be easy posts to plan, but also be topical to get you some organic traffic.
  • Learn from your peers in the community.Watch out for their success and failures and make changes in your plan.
  • If you don’t want to write the entire post, write an outline when inspiration strikes.This will make drafting the post easier.
  • Observe reaction to your content. Modify, course correct, plan, execute.
  • Don’t forget to add that little bit of you to your posts aka your X factor.


Content creation is just 40% of the work. Rest 60% is promoting it on different social media channels. Social media takes your content on people’s mobile else who knows what have you written? The year-long planning keeps you sane on the content creation part and you can devote your current time in planning its promotion on social media. Check which platform gets you maximum popularity and what kind of audience is present and where? The more you research, the more you will benefit in less time.

Remember that your voice is reaching millions of people through social media and great content. This content needs patience and hard work. A writer creates his leadership when he is clear of his intentions in advance. His thought leadership creates his brand’s image among its competitors. On the journey of blogger to thought leadership through #LeaderChatter all April. Come back for more!