Authenticity is when what you say and what you do is in perfect alignment. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Being authentic is a daily process, that is an integral part of personal development. Whether is comes to the entertainment and news we consume, the products we purchase or the people we interact with, we crave for authenticity.

Genuine information is increasingly important. It is even more now, when the whole world is going berserk with a lot of miscommunication happening. Content creators and digital advocates may not have an Hippocratic Oath of ethics like doctors do, but that shouldn’t stop us from portraying only our true self in our work. We are completely accountable for whatever we put out there for the rest of the world!

The Authentic You is Worth Knowing


We live in a huge world and an even bigger online world, overflowing with content. It becomes exhausting when we’re pulled from several directions to become everything at once. Yielding to this can dangerously lead to wearing out and losing identity. We all want to use our voice and have our own space that speaks our vision. This happens only when we gain clarity and make an informed decision to create authentically. After that, the results are magical:

  • When we create work that is honest and real from deep within us, it connects people to the truth. This makes them develop trust and a lasting connection. This in turn has a wonderful effect on our self confidence, encouraging us to never compromise on our talent and genuineness.
  • Long term authenticity gains respect. When people know the kind of content you create and have begun to believe in it, then comes building an enriching relationship with your audience. Writing, blogging and brand building is so much about the community that we grow along the way.
  • Watch yourself never run out of passion! That feeling of exhilaration and vibrancy will never die when you are truly expressing yourself in the best possible way. You will strive to move towards your highest potential and think in a direction that reflects who you are accurately.
  • When you are intentional in your efforts to be genuine, the kind of audience that will be attracted to your content will be aligned with your culture and values. The loyalty you portray will be manifested in the people your content reaches to!
  • You wouldn’t have to worry about competition. Why would you, when you are unique in yourself and one of a kind? When you build your brand with consistent actions you will have a relevant space in the industry which will in turn bring you the best kind of associations when you decide to expand your work.


The benefits of being authentic are endless. To thine own self be true, said Shakespeare. Because, just as in daily life it is the highest state of being, in the world of content creation and brand building, true influence is about leveraging authenticity. You can stand out, different from the rest when you just choose to keep it real!