Every grand campaign deserves a grand opening. April is almost here and it is time for the big reveal that is our theme: Better Blogging. Through the 26 posts of #BlogchatterA2Z we will be taking you through all the steps required to be not just better, but the best at what we do.

If you have been keeping up with our posts, you will be knowing about the Ten Commandments of Blogging that we curated. Everything we do in life requires discipline and a sprinkle of many other qualities that we should hone. This is true for blogging as well. Our A2Z theme is going to be a spread of posts that will contain some very useful observations that in our opinion should be perfected during our journey as bloggers.


How many times have we thought of writing but never been able to execute the ideas we have in mind? More than once, we’re sure. There are also times when we do manage to write really good posts but only for a short while after which we go blank and are unable to get back the same spirit. These are two of the major challenges we face as writers and bloggers. But there are more minute aspects that need attention too, such as building an audience and engaging with them regularly. Not getting carried away with the idea of success and remaining authentic and truthful at all times is vital too when you are looking at brand building.

We also need to remember that no matter how much we grow, we should always be open to learning and improvising as needed. All of this may seem like minor things, but together they form the building blocks of better blogging. Build them the right way and they will be strong pillars of support for a very long time. Hence, we say even blogging requires a certain discipline, not without the fun of course. Once we get the hang of all the nuances our road to success becomes less bumpy and more amazing.

So, that is why our theme for this challenge is Better Blogging. Do you have a theme planned out for #BlogchatterA2Z as well? Then link up the posts in the linky below. And if you haven’t registered yet, do it here, now! Registrations are still ongoing.

See you in April!