March is all about books, authors, writing and publishing. Through #BlogchatterWritFest we bring to you lots of author conversations across topics and genres. There's also a strong focus on learning the craft of writing. 

Every session is quite a bit of learning for us. Be it a perspective shifting moment or a little tip that you liked, writing it down makes it stick.  If you are writing a blog post recapitulating your learnings from any of the sessions this month, add to the featured category. 

What Do You Have To Do

Follow the submission guidelines to submit a post. 

What Do You Get

There are 300 reward points for approved blog posts. 

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Submission Guidelines

1. Content

Your blog post can be a session recap. 
You can also create related content around the featured authors this year. If you have read a book of theirs, you can submit the blog post. 

2. Linkback

At the end of the blogpost, add the line 'Written as part of BlogchatterWritFest and linkback to this link:

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