2020 brings with it everything new, and so is our Cause A Chatter track. This year we are introducing the idea of ‘Blogging with a Purpose.’ What does it mean and how can you be a part of it? Read on!


We’ve all heard of conscious living. This holds a different meaning to everyone. Whether it is keeping the positivity alive everyday, finding ways to live a stress free life, remembering to take a break from routine or doing things that you love, conscious living is something we all strive for of late. Because, who doesn’t want a blissful life?


But blogging with a purpose? Is that even possible? Each of us blog by themes, niches, or random things we have opinions on. Does each of us also have something we deeply care about? Maybe you have a new idea that could better the world, maybe you care a lot about human rights, or animal rights, maybe you have something to share on how you can better the lives of the less fortunate. Maybe you want to talk about all of this and more?

2020’s #CauseAChatter is all about expanding that idea and how you can use your voice to highlight something you care about.


What’s more? You’ll even receive a certificate at the end of the year if you become a blogger with a purpose. All you have to do is fill up the form below and tell us what cause you will be blogging about.

The rules are simple:

  1. Post at least one blog post each month on the cause you care about to be eligible for the certificate,
  2. Share on social media using the hashtag #CauseAChatter and tag us while sharing.

We’re here to back you up and spread the love! If you have any queries, don’t forget that we’re only a ping away. Happy New Year of Blogging with a Purpose to you!

You can register through this form here.