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Life & Lifestyle, 17 Aug 2021

The Science of Thoughts

Thoughts form the major activity of a human mind. The person we are today is because of the thoughts that…

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Life & Lifestyle, 15 Aug 2021

Believe you can

Belief is the most important quality that everyone need to possess. Without belief all the skills, talent and abilities that…

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Health-Fitness & Nutrition, 14 Aug 2021

Make Exercise a Daily Habit

Exercises are essential for every person. The benefits of exercises are immeasurable and unlimited. There is a misconception that doing…

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Health-Fitness & Nutrition, 13 Aug 2021

Why is sleep important

Sleep is a common activity in every person's life which is characterized by altered consciousness, reduced mind activity and reduced…

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Life & Lifestyle, 12 Aug 2021

The Rich paves the way

We get to see common beliefs among many people that rich people are like aliens in our country and that…

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Life & Lifestyle, 10 Aug 2021

Are Animals and Plants connected to their inner self?

Some common questions that people ask are : - Do plants have souls? - How are animals and plants connected…

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Life & Lifestyle, 8 Aug 2021

Know your Goals

The success of any person in their life is determined by how well they set their goals. Knowing what you…

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Life & Lifestyle, 7 Aug 2021

The Secrets of Manifestation

All of us live in a highly competitive world. We often see people competing with others just for the sake…

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Life & Lifestyle, 5 Aug 2021

How to Control Anger

Anger is a form of a sudden emotion where the person gets upset, irritated or frustrated due to the behavior…

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Life & Lifestyle, 2 Aug 2021

Discover your Hidden Talent

Every person in this world is unique and every one is blessed with one or more talent. Some people are…