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Life & Lifestyle, 17 Aug 2021

If I were the protagonist of a suspense novel, I would be Bella Swan

In the movie, Edward, the hero flies high in speed taking Bella on his back. Once watching on TV together…

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BookChatter, 17 Aug 2021

Do you know adults are happy reading children books?

When my daughter was small, I read them all to her. Then she learnt to read herself and after all…

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Life & Lifestyle, 17 Aug 2021

A world without art is like a body without a soul

Art describes everything and it’s evident in every form. You can learn any form of art and make it your…

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Fashion & Beauty, 16 Aug 2021

4 reasons why you should definitely follow my easy sustainable fashion

I can wear a saree in a pub. Yes, you can challenge me anytime. It’s because I love to wear…

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Parenting & Childcare, 10 Aug 2021

7 best organic baby body wash for sensitive skin

Nowadays, brands have all the information on their websites about the ingredients they use. Let’s check which is the best…

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Parenting & Childcare, 7 Aug 2021

Is your child fond of stories? Here’s how to channelize it

We have all grown up, listening to stories from our grandparents, parents, relatives and even older siblings. Stories are sometimes…

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CauseAChatter, 6 Aug 2021

How writing on social causes has positively impacted my blog?

I have always believed in the power within. Gradually, I discovered audiobooks and books that helped me understand the concept…

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BookChatter, 5 Aug 2021

6 Tried and tested tips to be a responsible book reviewer

It is a charm to be a book reviewer. I love to read books but reviewing them is even more…

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BookChatter, 4 Aug 2021

How to read more and complete your reading goals in time?

A few years before, I had almost forgotten to read books. I was busy with life and then writing started…

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BookChatter, 1 Aug 2021

Has self-publishing made a dent in the market for traditional publishing?

This is an interesting question in fact it’s debatable. That’s why before my opinion, I thought to discuss it with…