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Life & Lifestyle, 14 Aug 2021

Born Free

Freedom is our most prized possession which we have earned after numerous sacrifices from brave men and women whose courage…

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Life & Lifestyle, 9 Aug 2021

Survival of the most vulnerable

American coots have a black body and white bills. Their chicks, however, sport a red-and-orange head and their necks are…

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Life & Lifestyle, 8 Aug 2021

Law Of Attraction

A bumblebee is attracted to the bright colours, fragrance and patterns of flowers for sweet nectar. But there is more…

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Life & Lifestyle, 7 Aug 2021

Pitter Patter, Splish Splash

Human life definitely depends on rain and it is our lifeline. It brings a multitude of benefits such as...

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Life & Lifestyle, 6 Aug 2021

Winged Water Wonders

I have been watching this family of Mute swans. Unfortunately, only two cygnets survived out of the three. The colour…

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Life & Lifestyle, 5 Aug 2021

Jewels of the Pond

Water lilies are popular and glamorous aquatic pond plants. Besides filling the water surface with colour and vibrancy, they maintain…

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Life & Lifestyle, 4 Aug 2021

Bug Hotel

A bug hotel is a structure created with natural materials to attract a number of wildlife species and insects. Their…

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Life & Lifestyle, 3 Aug 2021

Keep Calm and Hop On

Around the world people hold varying opinions about rabbits. Some see them as adorable pets while others see them as…

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Life & Lifestyle, 2 Aug 2021

Nature's Wonder

Butterflies are loved for their vibrant colours. They represent new beginnings and show that change can be beautiful. How do…

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Life & Lifestyle, 1 Aug 2021

A Ray of Hope

Rainbows are one of the magical phenomenons that occur in nature which often leave us in awe and wonder. Symbolically…