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Writing, 17 Aug 2021

My Top Tips to Writing More

Reading and writing are part of the same experience, just different ways of expression. I share some of the ways…

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BookChatter, 17 Aug 2021

My Top Tricks to Reading More

I have been reading much more than last year and that made me think how to get more reading done.…

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BookChatter, 15 Aug 2021

Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef

Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef is funny and entertaining while also nudging out gender stereotyping. It's an endearing book for children…

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BookChatter, 14 Aug 2021

What's To Love About a Book for Children

Lots of adults confess to love children's books. I think it's because of the simplicity, vulnerability and curiosity they showcase,…

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BookChatter, 14 Aug 2021

The Why of Book Reviews

A Book Review is not about the judgement or even capturing the essence of the book - it's the expression…

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BookChatter, 13 Aug 2021

Stepping Out of My Reading Comfort Zone

Book recommendations are easy to listen to, but difficult to digest. What if the other person recommends a genre that…

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BookChatter, 11 Aug 2021

Translated Works: A Window to other Cultures

Reading a lot of Indian authors and books from different regions of the country (albeit translated) has made my headspace…

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Writing, 8 Aug 2021

What Makes Writing Good

The parameters we use to judge a piece of writing may be outdated. When our work reflects the influence of…

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BookChatter, 4 Aug 2021

Curmudgeon Avenue: The house that talks - to the readers

Sometimes we have to leave books half-read. Coming back to them with a fresh mind and unwavering determination to know…

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Writing, 1 Aug 2021

Voracious Readers vs Mere Readers

What do you think is a voracious reader's most striking characteristic? I list a few that I think are apt!