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BookChatter, 24 Mar 2021

How do I find a good book to read

Online book stores can be a vortex, causing you to add more and more to your cart. Offline book stores…

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BookChatter, 25 Feb 2021

Book Giveaways and VIP Passes for #BlogchatterWritFest

VIP Passes help you get access to the events right on the screen with your favourite author! Here's how you…

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BookChatter, 1 Jan 2021

#TBRChallenge aka The Blogchatter Reading Challenge 2021

In 2021, we bring the power of community and our thorough planning to help you crush your TBR, read more,…

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BookChatter, 13 Dec 2020

BookChatter Terms & Conditions

As a registered reviewer with us, you can read and review a range of books! This post explains what to…

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BookChatter, 25 Sep 2020

Why should you invest in books for kids?

“Children are made readers on the lap of their parents.” Emilie Buchwald.

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BookChatter, 14 Sep 2020

Audiobook, Ebook or just a Book

Should you opt for an audiobook, an ebook or a book? Read on to know more.

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BookChatter, 23 Oct 2019

Book reviewers – the real influencers of the book industry

Book reviewers help in spreading word about books, analyse books critically and act as a link between readers and books.

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BookChatter, 23 Mar 2019

Book review program from Blogchatter

Connecting book reviewers with authors, Blogchatter's Book Review Program #BookChatter brings to you a wide range of books to read.