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BookChatter, 25 Sep 2020

Why should you invest in books for kids?

“Children are made readers on the lap of their parents.” Emilie Buchwald.

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BookChatter, 14 Sep 2020

Audiobook, Ebook or just a Book

Should you opt for an audiobook, an ebook or a book? Read on to know more.

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BookChatter, 15 Jan 2020

How to start a successful book review blog

To start a book review blog, you need a platform, a content strategy and how you will market your blogposts.

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BookChatter, 23 Oct 2019

Book reviewers – the real influencers of the book industry

Book reviewers help in spreading word about books, analyse books critically and act as a link between readers and books.

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BookChatter, 23 Mar 2019

Book review program from Blogchatter

Connecting book reviewers with authors, Blogchatter's Book Review Program #BookChatter brings to you a wide range of books to read.

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BookChatter, 27 May 2018

Book reviews and how to write them

A book review requires you to analyze characters, plot and story arc - without spoilers! Learn how to review books.

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BookChatter, 6 May 2018

How to market your ebook using social media

Market your EBook using social media by creating a marketing plan that is tailored to each of the SM platforms.