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BookChatter, 15 Dec 2021

Young Blood: Ten Terrifying College Tales by Chandrima Das

Young Blood is a collection of ten tales that reimagine college urban legends and true first-person accounts, that promises to…

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BookChatter, 14 Dec 2021

Writing a Biography: In Conversation with Amit Ranjan

Author of 'John Lang', Amit Ranjan talked about the nuances of writing a biography, the craft and the process. Listen…

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Featured, 10 Dec 2021

From SEO to SMO | My Friend Alexa 2021 up levels your blogging journey

You can now learn the basic steps of SEO and take your blog to the next level by understanding SMO.

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BookChatter, 7 Dec 2021

The Enduring Love for Romance Novels: In Conversation with Andaleeb Wajid and Shilpa Suraj

Authors Andaleeb Wajid and Shilpa Suraj talked to Harshita Nanda about a lot of facets that make a love story…

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Featured, 6 Dec 2021

MSMEs, generating employment and our economy #ECommerceInnovation

Growth across consumers, MSMEs and generating employment is vital for overall development of an economy.

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Featured, 2 Dec 2021

Let's say goodbye to 2021 with an interesting giveaway

Check out this interesting giveaway talking about your journey with Blogchatter

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Featured, 8 Nov 2021

Showcase your flair for writing in the SME business domain!

Small and medium enterprises or SMEs play an important role in building the economy. Here’s a chance for you to…

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CauseAChatter, 22 Oct 2021

Action plan for social goals - A larger perspective

Creating an action plan for social goals makes your campaign practical and doable.

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CauseAChatter, 19 Oct 2021

Setting long term goals for CauseAChatter- How it can help me

Join three of our community champions discussing their journey writing for CauseAChatter to create an impact. How do setting short…

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BookChatter, 14 Oct 2021

The Changing Concept of Beauty: In Conversation with Anvita Sudarshan

The concept of beauty is subjective, depending on cultural and societal norms. We had a conversation with Anvita Sudarshan on…