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CauseAChatter, 24 Feb 2022

ADHD and inclusivity in workplace

Neurodivergence means someone’s brain processes, learns or behaves in a way that is not considered “typical.”

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CauseAChatter, 20 Feb 2022

Building a socially integrated society

Social justice is an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations.

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CauseAChatter, 17 Feb 2022

Why teaching diversity and inclusion to kids is important?

Diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice, but belonging is having that voice be…

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CauseAChatter, 25 Jan 2022

How The 2021 Paralympics is changing the way we look at inclusivity

Welcome to another episode of Blogchatter Podcasts with CauseAChatter where we explore the much talked about topic- 2021 paralympics and…

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Featured, 13 Jan 2022

Benefitting consumers, MSMEs and creating a positive sentiment, #ECommerceBuildsEconomy

Indian e-commerce is expected to gain a solid growth trajectory in line with global trends. It has changed the way…

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Featured, 10 Jan 2022

Hall of Fame | Top Bloggers of 2021

Let's get together to congratulate Top Bloggers of 2021 and check what's their winning strategy.

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Featured, 3 Jan 2022

Metamorphosis | Change and grow

Begin 2022 by taking forward the positive change in you that makes you grow stronger. Experience the metamorphosis in you.

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CauseAChatter, 3 Jan 2022

What CauseAChatter looks like in 2022

The overarching theme we have chosen for the year is inclusivity. Inclusivity means different things to different people, but we…

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BookChatter, 24 Dec 2021

Dakhma: A Novel by K. Hari Kumar

A spine-chilling psychological thriller, Dakhma tackles mental health, trauma, environment, politics and culture in this sweeping novel.

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BookChatter, 15 Dec 2021

Young Blood: Ten Terrifying College Tales by Chandrima Das

Young Blood is a collection of ten tales that reimagine college urban legends and true first-person accounts, that promises to…