Nutrition is an essential part of our daily diet that strengthens our muscles and bones. But it’s important to check muscle age as our muscles may be ageing faster. Through #EnsureStrongerInsideOut, we are talking about different ways Ensure helps us stay strong inside and outside. 

We know that you are always involved with what we do at Blogchatter. So now it’s time we hear your strengthening stories and how you ensure stronger inside out.

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Submission guidelines:

1. You can write on any one of the topics:

  • How do you ensure that your body retains muscle strength as you age?
  • Is nutrition alone enough to keep your muscles fit and strong?
  • Your muscles may be ageing faster than you. Check your muscle age here
  • Are nutrition and exercise inter-connected to strengthen your muscles?

2. Add the video of you taking the test and use a hashtag

Take the muscle age test here and add the video to your blog post. Share your result and what action you are going to take if your muscle age is more than your age. 

Don’t forget to share your blog post, video and result on social media with the hashtag #EnsureStrongerInsideOut.

3. Linkback:

At the end of the blog post, add the line: Check your muscle age here

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