We all lose our groove or our flow of doing things. While wandering in the writing wilderness is not bad once in a while, we do want to move back to a place that makes us feel productive, writing-wise. Finding the writing groove is more than demolishing the writers block; it is getting in the zone and staying there.

So what do we do to get the mojo back? Here are some quick-fix ideas to get to your writing groove.


Most likely it’s burnout that leads to your creative brain slowing down. Recharge and revitalise your creative powers by doing things just for yourself and ones that you absolutely love. Immerse yourself in little writing projects that don’t sap your energy but deliver satisfaction.

Try this: A short poem, a flash fiction piece or just a longish caption to go with your Instagram post?

Feel the cadence

Everything has a rhythm and it’s possible that you are simply too tired to listen to the music that’s inherent in nature, words and art. Find your beat by observing the patterns. In literature, observe keenly how one idea leads to another, how a new paragraph starts a new idea.

Try this: Re read your favourite author. Notice what you find most absorbing. It could be the description, the dialogue or the unexpected twist. Take one element and recreate it in a short piece of writing.

Block time for different parts of a project

If you are writing a novella and editing another piece and writing a pitch for your manuscript and compiling an anthology all at the same time, you might be spreading yourself too thin. To stop the deflection of attention, block time for related activities.

Try this: Set aside one week to only write and the next week to only edit. Set aside the weekends to write your pitches. Focus on one thing at a time.

Find time in bits and snatches

If you wait for the perfect getaway or a writer’s residency or the right writing table, things would never, or would take a long time to finish. So get started where you are at the moment.

Try this: Till you get your beloved writing spot, make do with a pretty corner that has a vase of flowers. Put an art piece on the cushion where you plop down your writing notebook. Use headphones to block out noise.

Gym for your writing muscle

Flash fiction, snippets are your best friends when you want to start small but end up big and bulky. These are the little weights that you lift on a daily basis to get set for the Olympics.

Try this: Write outside your comfort zone. A poem if you only write non-fiction or a long form article if you usually write shorter pieces is a good place for practice.

Have someone kick you to get started

Accountability partners really are gold. Get one and give him/her the power of attorney to share your unedited manuscript, typos, plot holes and all if you don’t shape up.

Try this: Set a daily or a weekly writing goal and share it with your friend. Ask him to follow up with you.

Trick yourself

Performance anxiety can get in the way of getting things done so trick yourself into telling that you are not really writing, oh no, you are just going to lounge about, writing a little bit. Keep at it, it will ease you back into your writing project and you would be getting stuff done without even knowing it.

Try this: Write on loose leaf sheets, a bit here and there whenever something strikes you. Keep a binder handy so as not to lose your work.

Not writing does not need to be existential angst. Take it in your stride and try a few hacks to get back to your writing groove.

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