For book lovers, the idea that they can earn money from reading sounds too good to be true. 

The fact is that people who are passionate about reading can begin a career as a critic and influencer. It all happens through book reviews! You can be paid to read books when you review them. 

Different Platforms, Different Reviews 

Book reviews are of different kinds based on the length, depth and where they are posted. 

Blog post reviews

Book bloggers write in-depth reviews touching on all aspects of the book. These reviews are generally analytical and even akin to a critique. These may or may not have ratings. 

Book bloggers have a dedicated following and people genuinely interested in knowing about new books and looking for a new read head over to these reviews. 

You can read more about how to start a successful book review blog here.

Amazon reviews

Amazon has an option to post reviews for the books right on the listing page. These reviews vary in length - from a few words to a few hundred words. Additionally, a star rating is a must. 

People wishing to decide on whether or not to buy a book look through these reviews. 

Goodreads Reviews

Goodreads is a platform for voracious readers to find their next read. Based on their reading preferences, members get recommendations. They even get to see which books their friends are reading and talking about.

Again, the reviews on Goodreads can be as long or as short as people decide to post them, along with a rating. As a reviewer you can be sure of other book enthusiasts going through your review. 

Book Showcase

On social media platforms like Instagram, which are really big on books, insta worthy book clicks and short reviews, the format is entirely different and reflects the interests of the audience and trends.

These reviews fill the gap of book visibility, beginning trends and the talk around a book when it releases. 

Who pays for these reviews

There are many legitimate platforms that pay reviewers to read and post a review. In some cases, book excerpts and author interviews along with the reviews are appreciated too. 

Blogchatter Book Review Program is one of the best in India that pays reviewers to post reviews on their own blog/websites. 

Readers can choose books from website listings and apply with a single click. You only have to make sure that your profile on the website is complete. Your website will be evaluated by the team and book requests are approved on the basis of the quality of your reviews. Check the Terms of Blogchatter Book Review Program. 

How does it help you

Read books for free

New books are added on a regular basis to the Book Review section on the website. These are paperbacks, hardcovers and ebooks. Based on your preference, you can apply for the book format you like. The book listing has details of the book and the author so that you can be sure of your decision. 

You can check out our free library here and books up for review here.

Build your audience

Well written book reviews build your authority and influence over time. Balanced reviews would make your audience aware of the fact that your judgement can be trusted. Authors and publishers are also on the lookout for reviewers who post regularly. Through your reviews and recommendations, you are able to influence the decision of other book readers. 

Help books get visibility

One of the noblest and best ways to give back to the reading ecosystem is by posting a review of a book you have read. Reviews help books gain traction on social media and book buy platforms. There are many new authors wishing to bet better visibility and early marketing for their books and book reviewers fill this gap. 

Get paid to read

The cherry on the cake is that reading, reviewing and helping authors pays you. Blogchatter Book Review Program adds review points to your wallet on the completion and approval off your book review. These reward points can be encashed after they reach a certain limit. Check the details of Reward Points Wallet and how it all works. 

Join us, discover new Indian authors, traditional publishing and indie books and make your mark in the reviewing community. You can apply for a book here.