Gratitude is the new universal magic tool for changing lives and making them happier every day. With COVID prevalence and changing lifestyle, it has become the most important activity of the day.

What and why gratitude?

Research says that giving thanks can make you happier. Gratitude helps people connect to something larger than themselves as individuals — whether to other people, nature, or a higher power.


5 benefits of gratitude that you cannot ignore

There is a huge list of benefits. All of which can be backed with real stories and scientific proof from time to time. Here is what I really want you to read and focus on.

  • Gratitude makes us happier. We realize everything is worth celebrating.
  • Gratitude makes us mentally and physically healthy. Scientists have proven a grateful person is likelier to be regular at workouts and exercise. They are motivated to take care of themselves first.
  • Gratitude makes us charming and lovable for others. Not only does it make us easy people to work with but also approachable.
  • Gratitude boosts positive emotions and good feelings. A grateful person always focuses on the positive aspect and sees the good in everything.
  • Gratitude makes you work smart. They focus on utilizing resources in the best way possible and finding answers for problems.

How gratitude can impact your blog

Our Blogs, Vlog, Podcast, Tweets everything is an extension of ME. The essence of gratitude in our medium of expression adds authenticity to our voice. When we express gratitude, we are creating a transparent personal experience of us, our values and our brand for our audience.

And above all, with gratitude our content becomes personal and more engaging for the audience. Gratitude makes our content mindful and centered around creating positive impressions in the audience. Sometimes while creating content we also create a tower of expectation very high for our audience. Gratitude is the easy bridge for our audience to see the efforts and results first hand.


Make gratitude your habit using a journal or an app

When everything will be uncertain it is gratitude that can keep you grounded. Gratitude is going to be the habit of the year 2021 and the next decade. It can keep you motivated and in high spirits when everyone may find it difficult to show up for work every day. Some tips to start your gratitude habit:

  • Write down 3 things that spark gratitude in you every day
  • Spend no more than 2 minutes to start
  • Use a paper, diary or any app like Notes, Trello, Gratitude, Bliss

What is Three Gratitude Bubble Technique of Intentional Gratitude

  • Use a page of your journal or any sheet of paper
  • Make 7 gratitude bubbles or gratitude cloud or gratitude circles
  • Assign one area of life to each bubble where you want to feel happy and grateful

Areas can be any 7 things which are important for you. Some examples are self-love, exercise, poetry, blog, journaling, meditation, home improvement, music, work, cooking, family, me-time, nature, reading, dance, travel, finances, child care, relationship, money education etc.


Every day you have to write only 3 gratitude following the below conditions:

  • 1 gratitude in 1 bubble in a day.  So, every day you will be putting 3 things you did in 3 different area of life bubbles. This is to encourage you to be mindful of your experiences throughout the day and choose the best 3
  • For 1 week, every day you will write 3 gratitudes. So, by end of the week all your bubbles will be full of 3 gratitudes per category.
  • There can be days when you have less than 3 gratitude and that’s okay. Go ahead and write those. Tomorrow will be better.
  • Since there cannot be more than 3 gratitudes in any bubble, you will find asking yourself questions like: what did I do or what can I do in the day to be happy about something else also. This will push you to be thankful in all areas of life.
  • If your bubble is full and you cannot write a gratitude for any other areas you can create a new bubble with same name and add your gratitude.

This is a model that works on your intent and makes you want to take action as well.

It also encourages the fact that small happiness when counted brings us a lot more joy. Like reading this article, thinking about being grateful, waking up today and showing up at the dinner table, everything you did is important. All you need is to be mindful and be aware how you are creating your one true happy reality.

Disclaimer: This technique of gratitude is invented by me. I am no spiritual guru or psychologist or therapist but I care for your happiness. Consult a practitioner if you are taking medicine for anxiety, depression, or any other psychological ailments before taking up this model.

Thanking you from my heart with lots of love and hugs.