The #TBRChallenge that kicked off in January has set the tone and pace for our reading for the months ahead. Now that we are at the end of the first quarter, (really, where did the time go?), are you patting yourself on the back or despairing a little for the reading never really took off? 

Never mind, if you haven't been reading as much as you have wanted to, we are here to help you hit the ground running. And, if you have been reading truckloads but stuck on which book to pick next, read on. 

How do I find a good book to read

Ease into reading 

Children's books and illustrated books or graphic novels are a good way to begin without getting overwhelmed. Not only can you ease back into reading without carving out huge chunks of your time but these books can also open your mind to new perspectives. 

For short reads, check out the Ebook Library that has a variety of genres, right from romance to thrillers to food and motivational to pique your interest. What's best is that they are free to read, with instant downloads so that you don't have to wait to begin the book that just caught your eye and your imagination.

How do I find a good book to read

Always have a book handy 

One of the reasons we have a TBR, is to have books at hand when other things get, uh, busy. It's easy to lose track of reading in the busyness of life but having a book with you means you can pick up the slack whenever you have an hour or even a few free minutes. 

If you like to discuss or even deeply analyse the books that you are reading, you can consider picking them from the BookChatter's Book Review section. The sheer number and choice of titles and formats will have you coming back for more. 

Read the genres you enjoy 

Romance and chic lit are not frivolous reads, thrillers are as good as literary classics, humour and horror books do tend to get finished faster. Don't let general perceptions about book genres and your peer's reading habits influence your own reading flavour and goals.

And may we direct you to the We Recommend section on the website, which have books that are vastly enjoyed by our community of readers? You can find your next great read here without any pressure to conform to your friend's reading lists. 

Challenge yourself, positively 

A little challenge always spices things up. It doesn't let you get complacent or lazy and has that goal setting so needed to motivate ourselves. If you aren't part of a reading challenge yet and need a supportive and fun community, consider signing up for the #TBRChallenge. You decide what and how much you want to read this year. 

The good part is that the ReaderBoard  gives you a ranking for that tiny jolt of happiness as soon as you finish a book. You can also check what others in the community are reading, perhaps finding books that appeal to you. 

Finding your next great read was never so easy and exciting. Tell us in the comments what are you reading next!