At one point, when team Blogchatter had the luxury of time, our favourite thing used to be to go through the Twitter India trends and figure out how we could use a trending hashtag and give it a Blogchatter spin. While some topics like Cyclone Amphan and World Environment Day were easy to categories [they fell under Cause A Chatter], it was more difficult to categorize Virat Kohli, Amrita Patil and Black Widow. That’s when our grey cells really had to work hard to pick on trends that would not lead to an out of body experience for Blogchatter’s readers.

While pitching for Blogchatter’s guest posts, you too can pick up a trending topic from the digital space, and provide it your unique spin and give our readers something valuable to read.


How did we do it?

  1. Found a trending topic we could get behind. For example International Coffee Day because in a team of chai lovers, there is one who would rather drink coffee
  2. Assigned a writer who could actually speak about this experience
  3. Found a spin we wanted to give this conversation to make it entertaining and fun for the reader
  4. Chose a category under which the blogpost would fit best
  5. Choose images (our favourite part where team assisted by sharing mouthwatering images of coffee, cakes and coffee cakes)
  6. Did our Yoast SEO
  7. Added a question in the end to gather some engagement and viola, our blogpost was ready.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy no?

Here are some expert guidelines:

Neil D’Silva: Create a bank of people working in your domain and follow them on social media. This gives a good idea of what’s trending and can even bring topics to your notice that you might have missed out on.

Puspanjalee: Put yourself in the shoes of the potential readers. Think how would they like to read it and write accordingly. 

Richa Mukherjee: Topicality and trends can aid context and relatability but they can also land you in a general, predictable bucket. Choose wisely. Use them to sharpen your writing and voice instead of borrowing too heavily.

Kanchana: Please follow your heart and not trending topics. You should writer what you love to read because you are the first reader of your work.

Ready to send us your pitch for guest posts? Check this post out for all the deets.