The way we understand gender shape the ways in which we think, live our lives, and act towards each other. Creating long lasting gender-equality begins with working at the grass-root level that is the very basics: 'How to talk about gender'. We need to challenge the roles we have been given, the stereotypes that prevent us from identifying who we really are, the restrictions that prevent us from being the person we are meant to be. But how do we do that when we aren't sure how to take the first step? Discussing just that is Nemat Sadat in this podcast.

Nemat Sadat is a prominent activist, journalist, and author of the debut novel The Carpet Weaver currently based in the USA. He was the first native from Afghanistan to have publicly come out as gay, and he has been bravely campaigning for LGBTQIA rights in Muslim communities worldwide. While teaching at the American University of Afghanistan, he secretly mobilized a gay movement off campus but was then persecuted by the Afghan authorities and deemed a national security threat for allegedly subverting Islam. Nemat shares experiences from his life that helped him express himself in the right way, and also empower many others to rise above societal, religious and other barriers. 

Joining him is the founder of 'Her Rights', a non-profit furthering the cause of gender equality and the writer of From Another Land - Tanushree Ghosh. You can also catch her podcast on immigrant women writers and what feminism and pop culture tells us here.

Without further ado, grab your favourite beverage and settle down for an eye-opening conversation that is bound to move you.



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