Fast fashion is something that keeps up with all trends, making it exciting to all. But many of us wouldn't know that it is also the second largest polluter in the world. This shocking revelation has begun to create a move towards more environmentally friendly fashion. Sustainable fashion has quite a few misconceptions around it busting those myths is ideally the first step to awareness and making more conscious choices.

Did you know that fashion is more of what you believe in and feel confident in than what is trending in the industry?

With a little creativity we can all be style icons whilst keeping the environment green. 

Soumita joined us for a podcast to give us some functional tips on the same. She is a solution seeker. That's what took her on the path of social entrepreneurship. A pioneer in the field of inclusive fashion, she runs her own line of Inclusive Clothing, Zyenika where the designs are adapted to people's physical requirements and challenges. For nearly two decades, she has worked on various development issues - with particular focus on health, livelihoods, and governance. Her work has taken her to villages and cities across India where she learnt more about indigenous innovations. 

She also helps people repurpose clothes they don't use anymore into something trendy that they'd love to wear. You can contact her here for more on that - /

Without anymore delays, tune in for this eye-opening discussion:

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