Humanity is facing a difficult time with the covid crisis not showing signs of slowing down. We've lost lives, families have been torn apart and people are struggling for a single breath. The stress around is immense and may feel like the walls are closing in on us. While we see the pain and suffering, the good samaritans who still continue to hold the torch of hope and lead us on, are just what reassure us that things will get better. 

Collective effort plays a huge role in bringing peace and healing to all of us. So, we decided to make it easier by noting down organizations who are working hard to make this happen, so it will be easier to find them at one place and make a contribution.

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List of organizations you can reach out to 

1. Mutual Aid India: This is a great space where each NGO/fundraiser is checked and tracked before adding to the site. They also have a document explaining their process. Donations can be made from India as well as abroad. They have covered individual fundraisers, relief for queer people, fundraisers for kitchens that supply food during the pandemic, relief for children, and more. You can check all of this out here.

2. Hemkunt Foundation: In Gurgaon, Haryana, this foundation is helping people with oxygen cylinders for a refundable deposit of Rs.10,000 for those who can pay. They also have a drive-thru facility allowing COVID-19 patients to inhale oxygen free of cost. Find out more about donations on their site here.

3. Khalsa Aid: One of the most renowned organizations globally, Khalsa Aid is helping patients in Delhi-NCR with oxygen concentrators for free. Besides that they also provide wood for cremation. Find more on how to donate here.

4. Give India: Last year Give India raised Rs 220 crore which helped more than 56 lakh Indians in over 115 cities during the first wave. They had also activated a fundraiser to help people with food, raising Rs 33 lakh. According to them, Rs 1750 can one family have two meals for one week. Both fundraisers have been reactivated. More details can be found here.

5. Milaap: They have multiple fundraisers to meet food, and oxygen requirements. Swasth Digital Health Foundation along with ACT Grants are aiming to raise Rs 1.5 crores to procure concentrators and deploy where needed. Find more here. Milaap has also joined hands with fintech and e-commerce platform CRED to meet oxygen and healthcare needs. For every 10.000 CRED coins earned by users, 1000 litres of oxygen are sent to hospitals. 

6. Uday Foundation: In Delhi, this foundation is trying to help the homeless by providing wellness kits that include paracetomol, ORS and an oximeter along with other essential medicines to help them fight COVID-19. They also raise funds to help the needy with food. Here's where you can donate.

7. Sood Charity Foundation: Founded by actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood, this organization has been helping people with oxygen supply, medicines among other critical needs. Read more and donate here.

8. Feeding From Far: They began their work in the initial months of the pandemic in 2020, helping the poor and unemployed in Mumbai with cooked meals and ration kits. They've been working in Govandi, a slum and dumping ground in Mumbai. More about the fundraiser can be found here.

9. Association For India's Development: This American charity has partnered with 30 organizations in 18 states so far helping 2,00,000 people including migrant workers. They've also been distributing PPE kits across the country. People abroad and in India can donate here.

10. Feeding India: It is a non profit started by Zomato to help with the oxygen crisis under its initiative, 'India Needs Oxygen.' They've also partnered with logistics company Delhivery to transport oxygen concentrators and other supplies to hospitals and patients. Find more about this initiative here

11. Doctors For You: It is a registered society founded by doctors and medical students to provide medical help for all. During the pandemic they have been active in many parts of the country providing medical care, PPE kits and more. Under their initiative #ProtectTheProtector they are managing COVID care facilities in Mumbai, Karnataka, Delhi. You can contribute here.

12. Kailash Satyarthi's Children's Foundation: Founded by Nobel Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi, this organization strives to ensure that no child is deprived of education during the pandemic. They focus on urban slums and rural areas where children don't have access to online facilities. You can help educate them too, by donating here.

13. Childline India: It is heart wrenching that many children all over the country have lost their parents due to COVID and have nobody to care for them. In this distress we may see a lot of numbers going around for adoption, but we must understand that there is a safe and proper procedure for this. So, if you come across such children or know anyone who may have, please only call 1098, the Childline India helpline to ensure they get the right care legally. Check the website for more details.

14. Diya Ghar: This NGO works to help children from migrant communities get education. With the lockdown hitting them hard, they also distribute ration kits to migrant families. Find out more updates on this fundraiser.

15. Kalap Trust: They have been working with disadvantaged communities in remote areas of Uttarakhand and are currently raising funds for an emergency covid-care centre in Tons valley. Read more and donate here

Ways you can help heal India

As we watch the chaos and pain around us, it definitely makes us all feel helpless and distressed and wonder how we can help in our own way. Few things you can do are:

1. Donate as much as you can afford to any cause that pulls at your heartstrings.

2. Amplify this post on your social, WhatsApp groups etc so more people can have access to it.

3. Use your blog and social media to share good vibes, peace, healing, maybe stories of recovery- anything that can create a wave of hope. 

This list is definitely not exhaustive. If you are aware of more such verified organizations or individuals being warriors of healing amidst this pandemic, please do share with us. Don't forget to use the hashtag #UnitedWeCan and #CauseAChatter when you share your posts so we can find you easily! 

So, let's join hands and help heal India? If you feel inspired to champion a cause with us and take the positivity forward, you can check out CauseAChatter and sign up for the campaign.