It goes without saying that mental health is a field that has increasing demands everyday - therefore the need for awareness and shedding the stigma increases too. WHO estimates that about 7.5% of Indians suffer from a mental health issue and by 2020 end around 20% of Indians will suffer from mental illnesses. Many of the economic losses and physical health issues have also been due to mental health conditions last year.

It has been an unusual year, but that has brought to light issues that are often pushed to the back of the closet and many trends have begun to shape this area. Digital usage has of course been on the rise and soon we began realizing the importance of a cleaner and safer online space to an extent that regulations in digital health have been discussed amongst leaders. It is important for mental health apps to have resources with credible claims, it is also important for us to put out only genuine information in the direction of helping people heal.

Keeping this in mind, brands, communities and individuals have been honouring the importance of mental health conversations. Interesting initiatives such as the Museum of Happiness in Denmark to remind people about the things that spark joy in them was curated by the Happiness Research Institute. Hong Kong offers a wellness package that includes a suite of services for physical and mental wellness, helping people focus on long term and holistic approaches to mental wellness. In London, ‘Unplugged’ is a 3 day digital detox venue to help people unwind. In the US, we have the rapper Common launching a new mental health series called Com&Well on his YouTube channel where he has conversations with his wellness team about the practices that have helped him. Coming from creators and influencers, such messages have a very different kind of impact on people, helping them make better decisions in terms of health choices.

One piece of content that you put out can hold the power to inspire someone enough to take the first step towards being kind to themselves. That brings us to the second cause we are championing this year.

How to participate in Mental Health Talks

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5. Make sure the information you share on illnesses or medical conditions is credible, since mental health is a topic of great concern. If you’re looking for the right resources and recommendations to begin with, we have that for you too

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All through the year we will be championing awareness around mental health through various forms of content - quizzes, book recommendations, stories that made history - there’s something for everyone.

If you’re ready to become an advocate for Mental Health Talks, sign up here and become the reason someone gets the help they need. Once you've done, you can always keep track of your progress and posts you've written here. Together we can make those statistics drop and the world a safer and healthier place!