We started the #TBRChallenge because we are a community of book lovers but even within the team, we're all readers in some form or another. And we thought it would be a great way to not only bring the community together but to also help them keep track of their reading goals. 

2021 TBRChallenge saw 49 people completing their reading goals. They got stickers and Reward Points for completing their targets!


If you missed signing up for the challenge in 2021, make sure you set your target for 2022

Apart from reading books, if there's one thing all of us love its talking about books. So here's something for you. This is a special space where you can talk about all things reading and #TBRChallenge. Follow the guidelines and submit your blogpost to BlogRolls and connect with other readers like you!

Submission guidelines

Part 1: Submit a blogpost on [any one or all] - you can also whip up your own themes based on the ones mentioned below

1. How does a reading challenge help you stay on course with your reading goals? 

2/ Special goals for your reading in 2022: translated works, books by authors from marginalised sections or any other

3. Do novellas and illustrated books count towards reading for you this year? 

4. Book recommendations for those beginning or getting back to reading or recommendations in a particular genre

5. Books related to a social cause or one that highlights a pertinent social issue

Part 2: Link back

At the end of the blogpost, add the line: I'm participating in Blogchatter's #TBRChallenge and link back to: https://www.theblogchatter.com/blogchatters-reading-challenge-tbr-challenge-2022 

Part 3: Submit to BlogRolls

Once your blogpost is written, don't forget to submit to BlogRolls. While submitting, don't forget to click on the checkbox that'll let you add Featured Category.

And you're done!

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