We started the #TBRChallenge because we are a community of book lovers but even within the team, we're all readers in some form or another. And we thought it would be a great way to not only bring the community together but to also help them keep track of their reading goals. 

8 months down and we want to know - how have you fared in your reading? Have you been updating your #TBRChallenge books? Have you been sharing? Have you looked at the Readerboard lately?

Well, apart from the very attractive prospect of winning reward points if you complete your challenge goal, isn't there something amazing about reaching your reading goal - or just talking about reading for that matter?

So here's something for you. This is a special space where you can talk about all things reading and #TBRChallenge. Follow the guidelines and submit your blogpost to BlogRolls and connect with other readers like you!

Submission guidelines

Part 1: Submit a blogpost on [any one or all]

1. How a reading challenge has helped/not helped you in reaching your reading goals

2. A book you read in 2021 by an Indian author

3. A translated/regional language book you read in 2021 [preferably an Indian regional language but you can talk about an international book as well]

4. Book(s) you read related to any of our causes i.e. mental health, gender or environment

5. How has reading in 2021 shaping up as compared to reading in 2020

You can check this for some recommendations on gender or mental health related books/movies/shows to watch.

Part 2: Link back

At the end of the blogpost, add the line: I'm participating in Blogchatter's #TBRChallenge and link back to: https://www.theblogchatter.com/tbrchallenge-aka-the-blogchatter-reading-challenge-2021 

Part 3: Submit to BlogRolls

Once your blogpost is written, don't forget to submit to BlogRolls. While submitting, don't forget to click on the checkbox that'll let you add Featured Category.

And you're done!

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