We have entered the last quarter of the year which means it is time to look back and see how far we've come with the goals we've set and the impact we've created. Joining us for a conversation on a rainy day with mugs of coffee were Aarthi, Aditya and Dipika- three CauseAChatter champions who've been consistently contributing to the causes they care about. 

Know our guests

Driven by the statement “No health without mental health” through CauseAChatter, Aarthi shares her learnings from her life journey towards mental wellbeing, emotional intelligence, gender issues and mindset shifts. She is also a multi-faceted Consultant in Life Skills & Mindful Parenting and has worked with a few NGOs. Aditya is a Civil engineer and map maker with the passion for poetry and photography. He has been working at the Centre for Development Studies and Activities in the field of participatory sustainable development in rural, urban and regional areas and that has helped him spread environmental awareness. Dipika, a hustler, content creator and super mom often talks about mental health issues on her blog and social media, by engaging the audience with her personal stories and relatable content in the same genre.

setting long term goals for causeachatter

Into the conversation

One of the reasons CauseAChatter is divided into 4 quarters is to make accomplishing long-term goals easier. With a smaller goal for each quarter, we are able to assess our performance better and not get overwhelmed. Listen to the podcast and let us know how you think you've fared in your journey so far.


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