Being socially conscious also means we can use our voices to highlight days specially set aside for various causes. These days help us create awareness and celebrate a cause the right way, by remembering the events that led to it. Here are some important days for the three causes we are championing that may resonate with you and inspire your next post:

Environmental Talks

3rd March- World Wildlife Day

14th March- International Day of Action for rivers

15th March- World Consumers Rights Day

18th March- Global Recycling Day

21st March- International Day of Forests 

22nd March- World Water Day

22nd April- Earth Day

5th June- World Environment Day

7th June- World Food Safety Day

28th July- World Nature Conservation Day

29th July- International Tiger Day

16th September- World Ozone Day

27th September- World Tourism Day

6th October- Energy Efficiency Day

16th October- World Food Day

Mental Health Talks

2nd April- World Autism Day

10th September- Suicide Prevention Day

6th October- World Cerebral Palsy Day

10th October- World Mental Health Day

Gender Talks

24th January- National Girl Child Day

12th February- Sexual & Reproductive Health Awareness Day

4th March- World Day of the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation

8th March- International Women's Day

31st March- International Transgender Day of Visibility

17th May- International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

1-8 August- World Breast Feeding Week

19th November- International Men's Day

19th November- World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse

1st December- World AIDS Day

10th December- Human Rights Day

Here are more days related to LGBTQ+

This list is not exhaustive and if you are aware of more days that can be observed as a community to raise awareness around our three causes, feel free to reach out to us or tag us on social media with your thoughts.