The safe and positive use of digital technology is globally promoted and although we celebrate technological advancement #SaferInternetDay is an important initiative that inspires all us internet users to create a better online space the way we strive to maintain a safe and secure offline environment around us. On that note, we picked a few things that all of us must have done at least once and learnt from during our internet use.

Now, now, don’t deny it. The cat is out of the bag, so sit back and enjoy!

Hello World!

It goes without saying that the internet can be an endless heaven of really cool opportunities and also a shady abyss of weird stuff that we sometimes get entangled in. But not everything can be undone with a jab of the escape key. Yes, yes, not even if Hulk smashes the key. What better day to talk about internet safety than on #SaferInternetDay

You can run, but you can’t hide

Don’t click that, don’t… you clicked it, didn’t you?

We all are curious cats, aren’t we? We have to know what will happen if click on that shiny icon promising us a perfect score on our science test if we would only buy that ancient magical root powder. Often, we listen to the devil on our shoulder and not the angel. Clicking on unknown lynx, oops… *link asking the GPS to take us to Ramu and sons tailor and ending up in Wuhan instead. 

Er.. why is this lynx here?

Remember that time you friended someone thinking it was SRK?

However grown up or mature we may be, don’t we all get carried away sometimes by the flawlessly perfect online profiles, so much so that you may have even sent a message saying you were so and so actor’s sabse jabra fan? That perfect Cinderella dress online that turns into an umbrella offline, sites that tell us our future if we stare long enough at the spiralling screen and the list is endless. Many things on the internet are similar to Pennywise handing a shiny balloon… 

You’ll float too

Does your password have swag?

Passwords are royal. No wonder they say your passwords must have character. We spend so much time deciding what to watch on Netflix, why not spend a little time designing the perfect password? Also, we cannot stress this enough – #password is not an actual password. Ahem, ahem, you are on the way to changing your password, aren’t you?

Character, we say, character!

Our PC downloads Willy Wonka chocolate bars, for real

Free! Free! Free! The one word that attracts us like bees to flowers. Free software upgrades, free movies, free music, free games, free food if you can put your hand inside the computer ? The extent to which fibs can go is endless. Someone did say that there will be a day you can actually download food for free…to believe that or not, we shall leave it up to you.

Free stuff is loved

It was a major web attack…

Safety measures are always important whether it is while crossing your street or browsing online. Use the internet wisely because even a superhero can have a fall if he forgets to use his web, er we mean ‘be mindful and aware’.

He says he ran out of web. On #SaferInternetDay ?

While staying safe online, and not just on  #SaferInternetDay, also use your internet space to talk about things that are genuine, very real and that matter. Speaking of which, have you registered for ‘Blogging With A Purpose’ yet? What a great day to do so!  Meanwhile, let us know in the comments which of the above things you’re guilty of doing!