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Video, 16 Aug 2020

How to be a great video blogger #LightsCameraChatter

A lot goes into the making of a good video. Sound, lighting, content – everything needs to be on point.

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Video, 11 Aug 2020

#LightsCameraChatter - the work that goes behind the scenes

What does it take to have a good video blog? Learn from the experts who took workshops during #LightsCameraChatter.

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Video, 15 Jul 2019

Getting started with photo and video blogging

Two amazing ways of sharing your content on social media platforms is either with photographs or videos. Let's get started?

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Video, 28 Jun 2019

Let's learn to make a great video! #LightsCameraChatter

What are the essentials for making a great video? Watch these sessions and learn something new from each of them.

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Video, 17 Jul 2018

So you want to be on camera?

Speaking in front of a camera is an art that you can perfect with practice.