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Writing, 8 Apr 2021

Ending of the Story

'We liked your writing but the problem is, the ending of your story is not striking enough.' How best can…

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Writing, 4 Apr 2021

Structuring your ebook for #BlogchatterEbook

What are some of the best practices when structuring you ebook? We find out here.

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Video, 11 Mar 2021

How to Use SEO for YouTube to Gain More Views and Subscribers

Using SEO for YouTube is the golden key to unlock the door of success because YouTube is a search engine…

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Blogging, 25 Feb 2021

Voice Search Optimization Tips

Voice search is alluring enough. It’s quick, hands-free and allows for multitasking unlike text search. Read on to learn 4…

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Podcast, 17 Feb 2021

3 ways to promote a podcast

Promoting your podcast might seem like a headache if you don’t know where to start. Here's an easy guide to…

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Writing, 8 Feb 2021

The Importance of Body Language in Your Writing

Does it matter how a character stands in your story? Learn all about the importance of body language in your…

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Blogging, 18 Dec 2020

How can insights on Blogchatter help you boost your blog

Understand what your blog looks like on the internet by understanding your blog insights on Blogchatter dashboard.