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Writing, 11 Aug 2022

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Writing an Epistolary Story

'Epistle' means a letter, so epistolary fiction is a story/novel written in the form of letters. In this modern age…

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Blogging, 4 Aug 2022

5 Tips to Create Evergreen Content: A Blogger’s Guide on Relevant Writing

Evergreen content is a piece of work that remains relevant over a long period. What is sought today, might not…

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Blogging, 18 Jul 2022

SEO Tips and Tricks

SEO strategies separate your website from the competition and help you get organic traffic. Read for little SEO steps that…

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Blogging, 3 May 2022

Freedom of expression in the digital era

Freedom of expression is an important fundamental right and we exercise this right in our day-to-day lives, through the exchange…

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Writing, 2 May 2022

What's The Idea?

Flesh out your book idea today, because an idea that sells is a book that sells!

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Writing, 22 Mar 2022

7 elements your horror story must have

Good horror novels, like most other genres, demand the perfect combination and balance of ingredients - one that can induce…

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Writing, 17 Mar 2022

Being a Consistent Writer

Being regular with your writing is what sets you apart, both in terms of work ethos and quality. Here are…

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Writing, 15 Mar 2022

How to write good newsletters

How to write good newsletters so they get read by your readers.

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Writing, 31 Jan 2022

Daily Writing Prompts for Write A Page A Day

Daily writing prompts for the month of February, so that you are never stuck for words.