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Writing, 17 Mar 2022

Being a Consistent Writer

Being regular with your writing is what sets you apart, both in terms of work ethos and quality. Here are…

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Writing, 15 Mar 2022

How to write good newsletters

How to write good newsletters so they get read by your readers.

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Blogging, 28 Oct 2021

5 Content Strategies to Renew the Content Creation in a Niche

It is important to bring fresh perspective and freshness to your content, even when you write in a single niche.…

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Blogging, 22 Oct 2021

Travel Blogging – Where to Start, Content Creation Ideas & Much More

Travel is a niche, that spans across all age groups and can be written in so many different forms from…

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Writing, 12 Oct 2021

A beginner’s guide to writing fan-fiction

Are you a fan of fiction? Whether you read a novel, watch television or watch movies, stories are everywhere. Sometimes…

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Blogging, 1 Oct 2021

In search for the right keywords for an awesome post

Every blogger understands the never-ending search for traffic and the right keywords. Keywords or keyword phrases are what people type…

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Writing, 2 Sep 2021

Study Your Genre to Satisfy Your Target Audience

Genre is the connecting link between the authors and their potential readers. It conveys to the readers what’s in it…

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Writing, 19 Aug 2021

Four life-altering books for every artist, writer or creator

No one told me that the craft of writing or any form or creativity crumbled if the creator wasn’t aware…

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Video, 18 Aug 2021

How to add fun elements to your videos | ft Lights Camera Chatter'21

Video making is an art and to learn unique techniques to ease out the process and create brilliant videos, you…

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Video, 10 Aug 2021

What is the secret behind a successful YouTuber? ft Lights Camera Chatter'21

Video making sessions at Lights Camera Chatter in 2021 gave us a new way to look at videos. We talked…