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Blogging, 16 Jan 2020

Blogging commandments for #BetterBlogging

Now you can follow these 10 commandments and stick to your routine to create great work.

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Blogging, 27 Sep 2019

21 things Google has helped bloggers with

We can definitely relate to the fact that Google has changed our lives a lot. Here are 21 ways how.

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Blogging, 15 Sep 2019

Position yourself as a thought leader using your content

Good quality and strategically produced content can help position you as an established Thought Leader in your niche and industry.

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Blogging, 1 Sep 2019

Getting eyes on your awesome content

Here are some fool proof ways to get eyes on your awesome content and get a tribe of genuine readers.

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Writing, 31 Aug 2019

Amrita Pritam: remembering five things about her without using Google

A nostalgic piece of memory celebrating Amrit Pritam, her poetic life and her artistic legacy on her 100th birth anniversary.

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Video, 15 Jul 2019

Getting started with photo and video blogging

Two amazing ways of sharing your content on social media platforms is either with photographs or videos. Let's get started?

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Video, 28 Jun 2019

Let's learn to make a great video! #LightsCameraChatter

What are the essentials for making a great video? Watch these sessions and learn something new from each of them.

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Writing, 4 Jun 2019

KDP friend for self published author

Learn to use Kindle Create for making awesome content for your ebooks. So let's get started.

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Writing, 4 Jun 2019

7 ways to market your book on Goodreads

If you are wondering in what ways to promote your book on Goodreads then read on.

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Blogging, 30 Apr 2019

Are you a tiger, mouse or monkey of the content zoo? #Blogchattera2z

Entertaining your audience is as important as informing them. Experiment with your content format to engage.