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Blogging, 28 Apr 2020

Xenium- what do you offer? #BlogchatterA2Z

A good call to action depends on how your entire post is designed. What is your blog's unique takeaway gift?

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Writing, 27 Apr 2020

Writing things down #BlogchatterA2Z

Putting your thoughts down in writing does wonders in organizing your ideas and executing them in the best possible way.

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Blogging, 25 Apr 2020

How to add value for your audience #BlogchatterA2Z

Enthusiastic audience are the people who make our blogging journey worthwhile. How do we ensure we add value for them?

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Blogging, 24 Apr 2020

Understand the purpose behind your blog #BlogchatterA2Z

As we delve deeper into our blogging journey, the purpose behind our blog becomes clearer as we follow a road-map.

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Blogging, 23 Apr 2020

The best way to target your audience #BlogchatterA2Z

Amidst an ocean of content, understand the right ways to target your specific audience and make the best of it.

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Writing, 22 Apr 2020

The craft of storytelling #BlogchatterA2Z

When your story is good, you gift your reader a new perspective. Think differently, learn the art of captivating storytelling.

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Blogging, 21 Apr 2020

Being Responsive #BlogchatterA2Z

Building good relationships with your audience begins with being responsive and professional, always connected and building credibility through your content.

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Blogging, 20 Apr 2020

Be like Quicksilver #BlogchatterA2Z

Keep up with and use the changing trends like Quicksilver, but don't lose sight of what your vision is about.

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Writing, 18 Apr 2020

Pursuing creative thinking without losing your mind #Blogchattera2z

Nurture your creativity so that your unique perspective shines through your content and execution.

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Blogging, 17 Apr 2020

Organize your blogging endeavour #BlogchatterA2Z

Much is involved in blogging that it can get a tad overwhelming at times. Craft your blogging endeavour towards success.