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Writing, 12 Oct 2021

A beginner’s guide to writing fan-fiction

Are you a fan of fiction? Whether you read a novel, watch television or watch movies, stories are everywhere. Sometimes…

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Writing, 2 Sep 2021

Study Your Genre to Satisfy Your Target Audience

Genre is the connecting link between the authors and their potential readers. It conveys to the readers what’s in it…

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Writing, 19 Aug 2021

Four life-altering books for every artist, writer or creator

No one told me that the craft of writing or any form or creativity crumbled if the creator wasn’t aware…

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Writing, 5 Aug 2021

Three approaches to creativity

As creative individuals, we often think about content creation and content marketing as integral to creativity – and rightly so.…

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Writing, 22 Jul 2021

Writing in the Second Person Perspective

Second person perspective - why it's an unusual way to write and how you can experiment with it.

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Writing, 17 Jun 2021

5 things to consider before taking Carnival Ebook to another platform

Now that the eBook is published, promoted, downloaded and reviewed, what next is always a big question to the blogger…

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Writing, 8 Jun 2021

Writing Non-Fiction Books

Writing non-fiction has its own challenges and is fun at the same time. Learn more about what our community has…

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Writing, 27 May 2021

How doodling makes writing easier: 5 tips

As kids, we doodle, as adults; we forget this visual skill. As writers, we don't use its superpower for everyday…

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Writing, 20 May 2021

Let's talk about reader-friendly writing

I rewrote my manuscript after I got feedback saying it wasn't reader-friendly. What is reader-friendly writing and how can you…

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Writing, 8 Apr 2021

Ending of the Story

'We liked your writing but the problem is, the ending of your story is not striking enough.' How best can…