We love to host Twitter Chats every Wednesday for our community. These discussions give us many important insights into what's cooking up in the mind of a successful content creator in 2021? It's interesting to know what kind of content they like to consume today. Almost everyone united to say that positive and fact-based content presented in an interesting format keeps them glued for some time.

Different forms of content that work well

Dr Amrita wants to learn something new as she believes in growing positive habits. Deepa loves to read all kinds of reviews on blogs and make her decision. While a few of the bloggers feel that their content consumption is still the same in the changing times.

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So, this leads to the next question on what kind of content is doing well this year? Mayura puts it correctly that maximum people are browsing data in their regional languages. It connects them better and they feel emotionally involved in that context. Manas adds to the conversation and says that this pandemic has increased the short attention span too. Now people are patient to consume long content on the internet as well. As everyone agrees that Bollywood and emotional content always sell!

Research acts as the backbone

Content creation ways have not changed for our community much as blogging remains the core for all. But yes, thinking out of the box to help your audience remains the key focus. Authority content always attracts a loyal audience and our community agrees. Mayuri says if a piece of medical advice comes from a doctor blogger then it holds authenticity. Similarly, every content creator holds some expertise in their preferred genre and with research, they make it useful to all, says Leha.

What's content burnout?

Towards the end of this chat, we came to an interesting question that do they ever feel content burnout and how do they tackle it? Chandresh follows the simple rule to eat, read, repeat and come out of your zone. Whereas Durga says that blogging never burns him out as there's an instant connection with readers and feedback. Sometimes, your inability to reach the target fatigues you but learning and improving your content helps says Bushra

What form of content makes you a successful content creator in 2021?

The community jointly agrees that

  • Niche is always important as it adds authority to your unique voice.
  • Learn to apply SEO to your blog posts that organically drive traffic to your blog.
  • Produce positive, happy and relatable content because currently, we all are in survival mode. 
  • All content forms are invited if they are well researched and interesting.

What's going on in Google's mind?

Well, browsing Google is not an easy task. You type a question and there are enormous replies that confuse you to bits. That's why we love our community chats that are direct and authentic in their own way. But yes, the trends do say that content creation is going to be in the business for long and you just need the right shoes to step in.

So, go ahead, check out all the relevant information you need to start your dream job and be a successful content creator in 2021.