With the overall theme of Blogchatter's new year being Metamorphosis, all about change and growth, we also made a few changes in our calendar based on the feedback we received. We're all about trying new things! 

calendar 2022

Monday Mutiny

Monday Mutiny, your Monday dose of motivation and fun has now moved to Instagram. This way, you'll find all the juicy bits of information on our grid and you can save them for later too. The 4.05 PM chai pe will remain on Twitter though. So grab your evening beverage and join us for a Monday chit-chat.

Weekly Wednesday Chat

Our favourite weekly chat will now be happening 7.30 PM every Wednesday. We know that 8.30 PM is dinner time for most of us, so we'll meet you earlier. This way more of you can join in the insightful conversations. 

Facebook Live 

Our Friday Facebook lives too seemed to be clashing with dinner time and will now be happening at 7 PM instead. Grab your beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy sessions with experts.

Ebook Carnival and Blogchatter A2Z

Blogchatter A2Z the much awaited writing campaign will happen in April as usual, but we've decided to delink it from Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. Blogchatter Ebook will happen in June, which means you'll have more time to prep your ebook. You'll have more guidance and also feedback from the team to craft your book better and in no rush.


In May while you prep for the June Ebook carnival, you will have the chance to be a part of a new track called Pitchfest where you can learn how to pitch your manuscript for publication!

15 Days Reels Challenge

Lights Camera Chatter that we usually have each year is now modified into something called 15 Days Reels Challenge. Stay tuned with us to explore this exciting and fun new track and up your instagram game.

That's a rough outline of what we have in store for you this year. 

And here's a glimpse of major Blogchatter events through the year. You might want to keep this calendar handy to stay updated. Also, keep checking what's on on the site and reach out to your nearest team member in case of any questions. We also have an exclusive group for Blogchatter updates you can be a part of here.